Pay attention to the details!!!

Fortunately, this visitor opted out of her predicament before she got stung too badly… there was a good clue, can you tell what it is?

I was reading about the scams and thought I would share my experience to get your opinion.  One day I felt like I was led to see a psychic. It was a nice place and she seemed nice and the reading was pretty accurate. Then she said that I would need to pay $800 to cleanse my aura in two payments. It would take 3 days and 3 nights to complete. I was supposed to come back on the 3rd day… I payed her the $400 because she did prove to be a little in touch with me.

She said that she would meditate over a special candle during those nights and days and gave me a crystal to put in my pocket and pillowcase during this time. In the shower I was supposed to spin it around my head. I did all of this but then at the end of the 3rd day I started thinking about it and realized my energy believing in the crystal was making the difference. Not the meditation or crystal itself on me. I didn’t go back and things got back to normal. On the fourth day I misplaced the crystal in my apartment and just found it weeks later… One important thing to note is that when I went to the atm she said she would be meditating and charging the crystal but when I returned 10 minutes later she was in the apartment part eating with her kids. What do you think? Do you think I was scammed and if not can I be affected by not returning on the third day? I have never fallen for anything like that before and have seen several psychics. Probably 5 in total and only two have suggested this cleansing with a $… I’m doing ok now, just don’t want to create any bad energy for myself by doing this type of thing. Any advice you can give would be appreciated!!! Thanks, Allison

It sounds to me like you were scammed yes. When u go to a psychic we charge a one time fee. some can be $30 $45 or whatever there donation fee is. We don’t keeo charging llike that, and we don’t charge extremely high  amounts of money such as that. Im sorry that you have found such a person and my advice is to not go back and not pay any more money to this person. Anyone that wants to charge you that amount of money is obviously out to scam you…Blessings Jody

The clue here is that she wasn’t doing what she said she was doing while you went to get the money to pay her… sorry, but I got the strong impression of her turning to her family with the thought “well we’ll eat tonight, kids, found another scaredy cat”… the trouble is that these psychics have enough ability to rope you in, to notice where you’re hurting and afraid.  Unfortunately, they are greedy enough to then prey on your fears…  if anything, you strengthened your energy by refusing to go back. Well done, I’m glad you listened to your inner voices here! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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