My girlfriend and I have been using ouija for a while now and  have enjoyed talking to the spirit world. Lately we must have contacted an  evil spirit or one who is trying to enter our world. The spirit tries to  count down letters and numbers but we always stop it. We have asked it to  leave and even waited weeks before playing. The spirit simply will not  leave and doesn’t allow anyone else to speak. I lost my temper tonight and  yelled at it but that didn’t help. I was thinking that a circle of salt around us would work. Any suggestions on how to make the spirit go away? Thanks. Anthony

Unless you are careful of protecting yourself energetically, you can attract any energy that you resonate with – including some of the lower energies when you work with a Ouija board… for example, getting angry and yelling at the spirit would typically serve to reinforce its presence if it was operating at a lower frequency… it would simply feed off your anger and frustration. In this case, however, I don’t think you were dealing with a lower astral energy. Rather my sense is that this obstinate spirit is really your Higher Self telling you to find a more direct way of communicating with spirit….

You’ll find lots of useful information about making these connection in our angels and spirit guides section. Good luck, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

To be totally honest with you Anthony……I would never go near Ouija boards…. simple reason being in my own my personal opinion as they are too dangerous…..I would like to suggest yes putting salt around you both….also use please do lots smudging…..and also call on the angels for support here too. There are lots of ways to talk to spirit without  using Ouija boards such as really tuning in…..learning about your psychicness….which are much safer and you won’t attract evil spirits…again in my opinion this is what happens….a big, big risk of using Ouija boards. You could both also make sure you are very well grounded and protected with extra protection…please make sure you have  extra protection up….I hope this is of some help to you  Anthony….blessings, Love & Light xxxx Karen

I’m not sensing an “evil” entity coming through, as I have a hard time believing that there’s anything evil out there in the Spirit world. In fact, I’m of the opinion that evil is purely a human construct, and it’s a label we too easily pin on something we don’t understand. We all do it, and it’s an intellectually lazy thing to do.

I don’t think there are any evil Spirits, but the Spirit world is jam-packed with trickster energetics, and these can make themselves known to us in order to teach us something about ourselves. Native American traditions have animal tricksters like coyote and raven, and they play tricks on people when they’re veering off course on their spiritual paths. I’m not saying that you two are off on the wrong road with Ouija, but perhaps this trickster is telling you that you don’t need the board anymore, almost like it’s time to take the training wheels off your bicycle.

A more direct connection with the Spirit world – your higher selves – can be made in any of a variety of ways, such as a divination practice like tarot, the runes, I Ching, astrology(!), or some other metaphysical discipline that requires meditation. For many of us, the Ouija board was a stepping stone to other things – a gateway if you will. I still have a bunch of crystals for instance, but I don’t need them like I felt I used to.

Just keep your intentions as pure and positive as you can, and the next “evil” trickster that pops up will smile at you when you achieve recognition of its’ energies.
Peace, Phil the astrologer


I’ve just recently began using a ouija board.  I’ve had mediocre results the first time, speaking to an elderly woman of 80 who was shy.  She told us the world would end in the year 2012 and this being  a subject I’m very interested in, I decided to continue using the ouija. Most recently, I used the Ouija with a few closer friends, and I believe the energy within us all combined and gave the spirits great power.  One spirit claimed to be god and was the most powerful pull on the planchette. In a wide circle it took it, actually pulling all of our hands.  It was very very powerful.  WE were told that our friend (in the room participating) Steve was an angel, not yet, but he will be.  I believe that this can help develop my psychic abilities if I continue to use it,  also.  At one point we joked about hunting demons, and a few minutes later after we flipped to board right side up and tried again, we got an instant  message of “Hunt now”  Demons?  “yes”  How do we hunt demons? “pray”  OH! We also had the privilege to contact 2 people who had died that were very close to us.  The personalities were right on, and it did not seem a dark entity was trying to mess with out heads.  The entire night felt very very strange and we all felt that we were much closer to each other by the end.  I would like to know your thoughts on the whole night.  It seemed quite  enlightening. Also, this may sound a bit strange, but I have this weird feeling deep deep deep in my gut that I am meant to do something extraordinary.  Can somebody tell me if this feeling means anything, and if so, what? Shane

There werea lot of clues in your note to tell me that you didn’t make the connection you thought you did… the first is that an evolved spirit – a god – would know that angels do not take on human form, so your friend Steve will never be an angel, although he might become a highly evolved soul.  The Ouija board is simply not a reliable tool for connecting with spirit. There are a lot safer ways to develop your psychic ability – try keeping a journal, or automatic writing… Look up the articles on our site about connecting with angels and spirit guids as a good start.  Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

To begin with, the Ouija board is not a game even though it is marketed that way. What your doing is opening the door to any wayward spirit that happens to pass by or see the door open. In essence it is like opening the front door of your home and allowing any stranger to walk in. I highly advise that you take it and toss it in the trash and never use it again. This is not a toy…Blessings Jody

Having always had a OUIJA in my home since I was a young girl, I know a bit about them, they can have their own personalities, I had one once that only replied in German. Not much use, since my mother only spoke about 10 word of it.! Here’s what I hope you do realize, that BEFORE doing ANY spiritual work, you must FIRST raise the vibration, very easy to do, light a candle , say a prayer, one for protection is good, and ASK FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD. You need to find out more on how the “spirits” can communicate with us.

More about working with Ouija Boards here

  1. Hello,
    I could not agree more, DO NOT MESS WITH OUIJA, the lower astral energies are attracted to this form of spirit connnection like moths to a flam, and are very hard to get rid of, causing severe disturbances, especially to unprepared people who are doing this for FUN, the answer is DO NOT MESS. Sheila

  2. I just recently played tonight , and the past three nights . I only wanted to play for fun and I got it for a christmas present . But , the first night I played It , the spirit was very friendly . We only made small talk . The next night I began to ask it questions about my future and it answered . I began to love it and played for hours , with my friend . as she went to the bathroom I was so addicted I tried playing with it by myself , it worked . I was shocked . when she came back , I told her it moved for me when I tried it alone and amazed , she tried it too . it didn’t work for her . I was confused so I tried it by myself again and it worked . I then looked up why it would only work for me , supposidly if you can talk to the spirit alone its because you have more spiritual sensitivity then others do . also , you’re at a higher risk of being possesed . but , anyways tonights the third night and its been spelling out the word ‘DEVIL’ and ‘WWJD’ over and over again . Its unnbeleivably creepy . It won’t go away so I demanded it to leave the board and my home at once , it went to goodbye but to make sure it wasn’t tricking me , I said it once more . it went to NO . this happened about 4 more times and instead of yelling I just got scared , said goodbye and flipped the board over . Im in need a safe way to dispose of the boared . I’ve decided that tomarrow morning , I am going to the nearest church and leaving it at the steps . if you do this , you’ll be fine and demon free .

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