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We here at Global Psychics receive a lot of queries but what has struck me (and I believe the shift of 2012 has a lot to do with it) are the number of people of all ages being awakened to their gifts. From children on upward people are seeing things, feeling things, having supernatural experiences from shadow stalking and haunted houses to unexpected spiritual “awakenings” and strange dreams. Always, regardless of the situation, it gets down to one question:”What can I do?” That question can sometimes be asking how to rid the environment of negative entities but, more often than not,what is really being asked is “How can I develop my gift?”

For those just entering this world of dynamic energy exchanges of one sort or the other, there is the understandable eagerness to successfully tap into the “void”, the “ethers”, the Universe and other dimensions. I am sure many have found our advice to learn a meditation technique frustratingly inadequate. So, I want to take the opportunity to try to clarify why meditation is recommended by me and other readers.

When one first begins to experience messages or visions of any kind there is simply no discipline. Imagine a dry sponge. Now imagine water being poured over this dry sponge until it is saturated and the water flows over. The same is true for the psyche. The mind/consciousness can become so over flooded it could be overwhelmed and shut down. This is what happened to me when I was much younger. I was a sponge. Now imagine the mind absorbing the needs of spirits, the needs of people around it (if one is an empath also as I am) and consider how impossible it is to process this! Frankly, at least in my experience, I felt as if I were losing my mind!

I had to do something to master my gift, to learn control and make a choice as to how to work with my gifts. Now, meditation can be an form of spirituality. Prayer is a meditation as it removes focus off the self and all the confusion and directs attention to one thing and one thing only–connecting with one’s higher power, whatever that may be. I often suggest people go back to the religious tradition of their family as this is familiar. But, one can search ‘outside’ the box at other methods as I did. I decided to utilize Native American Animal Medicine meditation. In this, I breathed in slowly and deeply through the nose and exhaled as slowly as I could through the mouth. If one has never meditated this is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of physical focus to comfortably do this and reach a point of truly stretching the diaphragm downward and upward as we work through breathing. Next was learning how to block out information. The brain cannot process more than one thing at a time so even though our minds race and it may feel as if we are thinking of multiple things at a time in actuality we are not. We are merely flitting from thought to thought with rapid fire speed. So, for me I chose to envision the color black and work on holding this as long as possible. My first attempts could last more than five minutes but that was okay because with practice I was able to do this for longer periods of time.

Once I was able to do this I went to the next step which was to find that comfortable place “in the black” and ask for a message from an animal spirit. Eventually an image of an animal would come through and I would just observe it without making any conclusions. After my session I would then reflect on what that animal spirit represented so I could learn the message.

After a while I explored Buddhist meditation and was able to reach long periods of time in which I was able to maintain emotional neutrality while focusing on an area of need. After the session I gave no further thought to the session because what was needed was accomplished in the session.

We read a lot of letters and confusion has been playing a big part in what we receive. Again, this is because people who are waking up are receiving tons of information at the same time that cannot be processed. Naturally this makes a person feel out of control but in spirituality even the feeling of no control has a lesson. Sometimes we need to think about what is this control issue all about? Is it impatience to learn what many of us have invested years and years to tap and master? Is it desperation for a rapid outcome?

Spirituality is eclectic and therefore many, many things so no one system is better than another but what it is not (and I will say Grrrr! here because patience is not one of my virtues by nature) is fast. The greatest of spirituality is developing the ability to take one’s time to learn and then simply wait until ready to take the next step up.

While on this journey you will discover a number of paths to explore and may decide that one in particular calls to you. All of them called to me. I didn’t learn them all at once! I learned one and when it was time to learn another it was presented to me. This may happen to you as well.

As the Hindus believe, “There are many paths to but one God” and herein is the basic tenet of true spirituality: it it open minded, fair minded and nonjudgmental because all things are learning experiences, especially the bad ones and all disciplines are on a level playing field.

Global Psychics offers a number of services that can help you develop your gift so please feel free to inquire. Blessed Be! Cate

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