It can be very useful to be able to get a message across telepathically. In the days before I had a cell phone, I counted on this ability.  I recall one remarkable connection when my business partner and I were meeting off the highway, each coming from a different direction, each delayed by traffic and construction, neither knowing the other was also delayed.  Fortunately we are both adept at getting strong telepathic messages through…. I kept telling her to meet me just opposite the on/off ramp instead of looking for the coffee shop we had planned… and she kept telling me to wait for her.  After waiting more than an hour, I was about to give up when I got the strong sense to stay just another 10 minutes – at the very moment she was screaming in her mind “just give me 10 more minutes”… sure enough, she pulled onto the ramp just as the 10 minutes were up, and knew exactly where to look for me. Even today with so much technology at our disposal, telepathic communications can make life a whole lot easier. Forgot a phone number? Put out the call in the ethers for the number to come to you, or for the person to call you, and sure enough, within 24 hours, you will get that number – if that person also has a reason to connect with you.

The secret to clear telepathic connections is in being clear yourself.  A sense of urgency and a strong focus will enable an emotionally charged message to reach your target.  Here’s a simple how to:

Calm and ground yourself, take a few big deep breaths and make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Form your message in your mind, keep it simple, for example, “please call as soon as you can” or “meet me at Mom’s”, or “”I’m  coming, wait for me.”  Think of a picture and if possible a smell that you can associate with the message and hold the picture, the smell and the message in your mind. For example, if the message is “meet me at Mom’s”, picture your Mom’s house, and imagine the smell of Sunday dinner wafting through the air, or the smell of the rose bush that’s planted out front.

Think of the person you want to contact and send the message… it can be useful to explain why you need the person to react to your message. Speak with the person as if they are with you, but you’re in a hurry and need to get your message across quickly but firmly.  “I’m stuck in traffic, wait”, or “Mom. called, she needs some help today.” Do your best to charge the message with some feeling, that sense of urgency I spoke of….

You can visualize yourself as a tall radio beacon, transmitting your message into the air, and your target as a satellite dish or radio receiver, picking up the message; or you can see yourself sending an email or an Instant Message online, and see your target opening their email, or Messenger service and picking up your message.

Follow through on your plans, and expect that the other will get the message.

Remember, we are communicating telepathically all the time… our thoughts are projecting outwards from us every moment that we are awake. That is the nature of thought, to leave us as small electrical charges that fly out from our minds to attract thoughts that resonate with them.  When these thoughts are also magnetized with strong feelings, they come back to us with those thoughts that they resonate with … like attracts like… this is the creative process in action, the Law of Attraction at work.  Our thoughts, no matter how hidden, provoke a reaction from the universe. Telepathy is just a matter of consciously targeting a specific message for a specific purpose, to a specific individual and thus producing a response from them. Keep in mind however, that the principle of free will is at work – the recipient can choose how and even if they will respond!

I am a 19 year old with the “gift” of mental telepathy. I have not always known I had this ability and have recently gained almost full control over it. I can send feelings, thoughts, and mental pictures. I am not completely sure what this is good for beyond personal gain. How can I use my “gift” to help others and make people understand our human potential? Please write back, I don’t have any one else who has helped. Christian

How wonderful you see the potential and want to use your gift for good!  Highly commendable!

Your name means Christ-bearer, and Christ means anointed (as in anointing a king or priest for duty). I see you being this.  And in that name, the Christ part, is your key.

What is it about Christ or Christ-consciousness (which isn’t really about Jesus, but about being One) that you can learn from?  Nothing the Christ of scripture was purported to have done was for his own benefit (other than if one is lifted, then all are lifted).  He gave of himself.  He was gifted.  He used those gifts unselfishly.

So what you need to do is sit down and think about what you said here about being able to put thoughts out there.  What good thoughts can you espouse that will help others reach their highest potential?  Can you think thoughts of Love; postitive thoughts about Self and creation and the world (universe) at large…as One?

What if you sent mental pictures of loving things…people being kind, flowers, joy, whatever.  I’m sure you can come up with some ideas of your own.

And if someone you know is in a bad or hard place, if they are having feelings of despair or are hurt or whatever, wouldn’t this be a perfect time to send the things you say you are able to send?

Yes, you will have to be sure you are not doing this for personal gain.  You will have to be sure you are not invading someone’s personal space.  But if they give you permission to help them, then of course, do.

The world is full of sadness and pain and war and and and…but if you send out positive ‘vibes’ with your gift, you will be helping to transform this planet into a loving and beautiful place.  Send those images out into the universe, Christian!  We need all the help we can get!

I hope this helps.  One final thought hit me:  What you have is similar to a gift, say, of painting.  If I paint a beautiful picture, I am enriching the world with its beauty, right?  I am sharing it with the world. I am actually changing the energy of the planet by creating more beauty.  That is what you get to do with your gift.  Have fun!  Be creative!  Enjoy the beauty, love and joy you will be part of creating!

Thank you in advance, LoLove, Teresa

There are many useful purposes for telepathy  I believe perhaps one of the most valuable is in being able to communicate with nature.  We may not realize it, but we are communicating with all of nature around us, just through our presence.  I have been working telepathiically with my cats and dogs since I was a child. As an adult, I talk to the trees and bushes, the flowers and plants in my world – and they often talk back.  Trees will tell me when they’re sick and need help, plants will tell me when they are at their peak – I can hear them call me to pick them. My pets are quite adept at getting their messages through to me, I’m hungry, I need to go out, I want some loving, it’s time for a walk, are the most common messages.  They know when I’m upset – and get excited when I’m excited. They read my mind and heart, naturally responding to my energy…. and we are doing the same, not only with them, but with all around us… the more conscious we become of this, the easier it is for all us.

Here’s a great example of what I mean.  Last Sunday, my computer broke down. In the midst of an already busy day, with me in a lot of pain, I had to drop everything to run to the shop for the repairs.  When I got it back three hours later, it still wasn’t working – the mouse just wouldn’t connect.  I was frantic.  Just 10 minutes to closing, I had a big family dinner on the stove, and was about to cry in pain and frustration.  My son ran off to the shop once more for a new mouse.  Managed to get there in time, but then, again, it wouldn’t work when we installed it.  By this time, the whole house was upset and I was stressed beyond belief. The cat and the dogs went into hiding. Finally, I accepted that nothing could be done at that moment, so I shifted my focus to finishing the dinner preparations and changing my attitude.  We were taking the dinner to my parents, so I didn’t want to also upset them…. When I got there, Mom sympathised with my distress, handed me a glass of wine and we finished setting the table.  The meal was delicious, a new recipe that worked perfectly. The conversation was interesting, and I finally started to unwind. I used my dad’s computer to check my mail and deal with the urgent readings, had a second glass of wine and since it was such a beautiful evening, I walked Gracie home. By the time I got home, my energy was relaxed, the animals all came for their dinner, I was ready for a cup of tea and to tackle that mouse one more time.  When I got back into the office, I felt something click, as if the computer talked to me. I was inspired, made a few changes in settings, restarted, and lo and behold, I was online again less than 5 minutes later. I rattled the whole house that day, everyone knew I was upset, but as soon as I lifted myself up out of the frustration, I changed the energy all around me, and accomplished my goal…

The beauty of telepathic communications is that we can help others when we consciously send uplifting, loving messages… I have quieted screaming babies in this way, calmed frightened animals, cleared the space around accident victims so they could get help quickly, called for healing when my friends are ill. We can send healing energy to others, even when they haven’t asked for it, if we are careful to qualify our messages as being “for the good of all, according to the free will of all”.

A Note About Transparency

I have received many letters over the years from individuals who were afraid that people could read their minds and perhaps also influence their behaviour unknowingly.  The first thing that strikes me, of course, is the fear, the victim consciousness at work in these individuals.  It is a fallacy to believe that our minds, and hearts, and souls are like fortresses, impenetrable.  As pure energy, as spirit, we are transparent… any spirit who comes upon us immediately sees, feels, reacts to us as pure energy, and knows all about us… we are like open books as spirit, our darkness and pain are evident, as is our joy – there is no way to hide from who we are.  If only we understood this in our lives as humans, we might be far more capable of living our authentic selves. But here, on the physical plane, we have the illusion of being separate from each other, and thus we believe we can maintain some perceived privacy – and more importantly, some control.

Certain operating principles are at work here on planet earth that prevent us from interfering with each other’s free will.  The laws of frequency and vibration state that all is vibrating, all of the time, All That Is is always in motion… and this motion moves in such a way that it will only attract that with which it can resonate.  When it comes to telepathy, then, the thoughts others are projecting will not affect – or infect – you, unless you are vibrating at that frequency. And even then, being conscious of the fact that all kinds of thoughts are flying around you, means that you can also decide to shield yourself, first by projecting loving, joyful thoughts, and then by protecting yourself by pulling your energy in, and even deliberatly placing shields like convex mirrors or bubbles of white or pink and green light around you.

Without even thinking about it, we expand and contract our energy/aura as we move through the day, depending on our circumstances… when we enter a crowded bus, or shop in a busy supermarket, we naturally pull our energy tight to us, just as carefully as we avoid bumping into folks… and then once we’re home at night, comfortable in our jammies, our aura can expand to fill the whole room. Unconsciously, we are also telepathically communicating with people all around us, all the time.

We only think we can keep secrets hidden from view… the truth ultimately wills out, if not on this side, then on the next. The reality is that we are transparent – we are just not aware of it. Yes, we can protect ourselves to some extent, and we can remove dark energy from our auras and cleanse both our bodies and our souls. But we are in a process of co-creation here, and thus we are subject to the thoughts and feelings that are in the air all around us. All the more reason to focus on projecting All That Is positive, loving joyful! When you do, you serve to uplift all around you, as you uplift yourself.

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