by Paul Dale Roberts, Ghost Girls Paranormal Investigator/Ghostwriter

As a ghosthunter and paranormal investigator, I am often asked this question: “Why do ghosts linger around one location?” My answer: “Theory has it, that when a person dies, they may have been very religious, they see the light and instead of going into the light, they think of their past sins. They feel that if they enter the light, that they will be judged and may face Hell, eternal damnation. So, they have the option of not going into the light. 

What then happens, the ‘ghost police’, or entities from a higher power, call them angels if you may, tell the new ghost, that if they do not go into the light, that they are trapped within the confines of the home, business or a place that they are familiar with. An energy grid is placed over the area, in which this new ghost doesn’t have the ability of escaping. It could be a situation in which a grandmother has unfinished business, because her granddaughter is expecting and she dies without seeing the baby. She decides not to go into the light, because she wants to see the baby born. She sees the baby and falls in love with the baby and decides to stick around to watch over the baby, instead of going into the light. When an entity goes into the light, that’s usually it, they are never seen again. Theory has it, that if you take an object from a haunted home and place it in your home, then you opened up a portal, or a ghostly wormhole for the entity to travel from point A (the haunted home) to point B (to your home). This is the only time a ghost can follow you home, because you have taken an item that this entity is fond of and the energy of this entity engulfs the object.

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  1. I have recently been given a mirror from a house clearence 10 days ago, since that daily something has happened daily. My little boy saw a walking shadow, radio, electric fires and lights have been turned on, what can I do about this. How do I know if it is not negative energy and how do I get rid of it? thankyou for your help, a very needy mother xx

  2. the best possible thing to do is talk to a preist if you are apart of gods life and get rid of the mirror that may be the cause of your sons sightings if things still occur you might need him to get an exorcism
    much help gods child

  3. Someone is scaring my sister since she was a girl. and today she felt that someone grabed her hands and face, she tried to screamed, but she couldn’t. She told me that while she was in the kitchen she sow a man staring at her. she has two sons and she is worried bout them.. What can she do?

  4. Hi Cinthia, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics. It sounds like your sister has an attaching spirit. I suggest that you buy some white sage and burn it like incense. This is called smudging, a technique still used by Native Americans. I also suggest that you get some quartz crystals and place them around the house. A piece should be carried by your sister at all times, such as in a pocket or her purse. Hope this helps. Keep us posted if this phenomena continues. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

  5. Hi Sue, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics. Mirrors are definitely portals and two facing mirrors can be just as much an interdimensional door as a Ouija board. I would remove the mirrors from the outside of the house and would smudge every room with sage. This will cleanse and reset the energy of the house. Let us know if this helps. Thanks for your letter. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

  6. i was at my boyfriends house and it used to be a civil war house, and still to this day things beat on the ground and talk and laugh and babys cry, what do these spirits want and why are they still there.

  7. this stuff is freaky! have you seen paranormal activity?(movie-true story) can anyone explains how that happens? why is it doing that? how do you know what a ghost/spirit wants from you?

  8. i’ve been living with my bf for sum time inhis parents house nd everybody in the house keeps hearing footsteps not only wen u’re alone but wen u’re home with people also wen it’s quiet.well they grandmother died in the house a couple a yrs ago but if it’s here y do we hear it so loud and most of the time we hear like a man with boots on walkin in the hose but only wen u downstairs in the kitchen u hear it upstais ………..please help i wanna know

  9. i hear bangs on my brothers wall at night, we used to do it when we were kids does that mean anything? please reply..

  10. Hi …my name is aby I’m 32 maried with kids…we’ v been living in this apartment for 10 yrs…for many yrs now something would move around the house, fridge door would open at night..and many things…like my elliptical machine in the middle of night…so my husband thought I was making out stories…until I started being attacked almost every my dreams..and sometimes awake and still my husband thought I was crazy…so it depressed me for almost 5 yrs…recently something attacked Mr around 1:00 am while my husband was watching t.v in the living room as usual I run out to tell him…but same reaction as usual….so I was disappointed cauz nobody believed my story..that same nght I took my I phone abd started taking pictures and we couldn’t believe what we saw…on our t.v that was moving every night..this ghost was there watching me all night…and is still appearing on both t.v in my hs…I hav taken more than 100 pictures of this ghost…I was scared for two months ..and now I’m not anymore….really ..cauz it even appears next to Me ..when I take a picture I don’t wanna scare my kids …cauz they started noticing my fear….so somebody told me not to do anything cauz it might harm my kids…I need help….sometime the ghost looks lost..and he wants attention by shaking my t.v …I couldn’t focus on my study….what I know is he wants me…and I don’t know why….I can see him smiling….when I take a picture with horns ….so scary….my husband’s avoiding me since I knows this thing is wanting Me……so if u want to see some pictures I could send them …thanx

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