say Laura Simpson

I believe that animals are able to sense energy patterns and some of these
energy patterns are such that they have a visible form to them that is not visible to some human sight.  Some of the ghosts have an odor that gives them away.

Animals are truly One with Nature.  They know how to hunt and take care of  themselves.  When we domesticate them, they do not lose the ability to sense and read energy around them.  Since people often do not sense these things our animal friends try to warn us of dangers and changes in the energy  patterns around us.

says Jody, a Global Psychics medium

 Animals can see and sense spirit more easily because they dont have what we call mind clutter to over shadow their senses. They rely very heavily on using all their senses. They also have no human doubt which is one of the main reasons they can see them. I hope this answers your questions..Blessings Jody

  1. And how do you know this, have you asked them have they been able to tell you that they can see spirits.
    Can a cat or dog say hey I can see a ghost, what are you backing it up with, or is it just dark age mentality, the same mentality that burnt witches at the stake.

    Yes they can sense more than what we can, but paranormal, which dog or cat told you this, they can’t tell you, so you may as well say anything because its impossible to prove

    • Animals cannot speak but they will give signs when a ghost is nearby. They can tell if we are scared (which is fine by them because they are scared and protects us). They have senses that we do not have. There are rare gifts for people that can sense,hear,talk a ghost god chooses our gifts and talents it does not always have to be the biggest but we always must be thankful that we are able to read,write,listen and things we pick up when we are growing. Bear in mind that animals can sense danger or fear. God gives these protection so that the animal can use if they are in danger.

  2. dddaaaannng martin!!!! don’t be so insecure . if scientists think that pets can see spirits… what defence do we have . who’s to say they are wrong , who’s to say you’re wrong. well scienctists do think that the world is gonna end in 3 yrs. what does that say… lol :) but i think animals can detect some sort of parenormal activity.

  3. Well heres my back up reason to believe so im only 11 but know alot k so i was at my grandmas house along with my mom my sis my aunt and uncle. We all went upstair (my grandma has a dog a labrador). So he came upstairs with us 2 and he wanted to go in my aunts room. So we all went in but then he jst standed at the door growling and not moving so we tried to pull him into the room he wudnt go and he jst kept staring at sumthyn were like wth??? Then after 5 minutes he stoped growling and came in and he was fine after that.

  4. My dog is a great family dog, she’s a shar pei and around 5 yo. Recently, she’s become very distant at time, often sitting in the middle if the yard staring down into the valley, ignoring everything around her including me calling her name and sitting beside her. At first i thought it was a one off, but it’s happening regularly. Can anyone explain this????


  5. People don’t have to believe what is said but I do, main reason being is this.
    On August 29, 2012 my fiancée passed away from a diabetic seizure…so a couple hours later we are all sitting outside and our puppy gets up turns around and starts viciously growling and barking at thin air. I’m betting you anything that was my fiancées spirit standing there with us. Believe me when I say this, there is life after death and we just don’t die. Spirits have many ways of communicating with loved ones and it happenes.

  6. This is my dog. Othere times I can hear a slap before he screams, and runs like this.

  7. Im convinced my dog could see something of another world. I was holding him in my arms and i could see his head and eyes move like something was walking by. It scared me, this only just happened so i decided to google wheather animals can see spirits.

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