Our species is no longer humble. It has no reverence. It is arrogant and filled with its own technology. It fills itself constantly in terms of its illusions that it is in control, and so it creates chaos and still refuses to see that it is impossible for it to control. Gary Zukav. The Seat of the Soul

By Danielle Daoust, an exercise from her life-coaching program

When there are few Major Arcana in a Tarot reading, I usually tell my clients, “congratulations, you’re driving the bus in this cycle.” What I mean is that the client is in control, not subject to any serious outside interferences or unexpected changes in circumstances. But there is another and perhaps more important reason to notice when someone is in control of their circumstances. When you’re driving the bus, your fears are also under control, set aside for a time, you are in control of your thoughts and feelings, and thus you are in your power. 

By remaining in your power you do not become a static energy system, one that hoards energy to itself. You become a stable energy system, capable of conscious acts of focus and intention. An authentically empowered human being does not release its energy except in love and trust. Gary Zukav. The Seat of the Soul

In our power, we have the Law of Attraction working in our favour, life flows, good people and events are attracted to us and we create the lives we want.

Would that it were that easy!

One of the reasons we stumble and fall on our way to success is that we are out of touch with our inner motivations, the other selves that play out in our lives without our recognizing them. We only think we are in control.

So often when clients complain that their positive thinking, their new approach to life still isn’t working, it is because they haven’t dug deeply enough to notice the fear-based motivations at work.. Their business is still struggling or they are stuck in unsatisfying relationships because they are reluctant to face the inner conflicts.. That’s when I urge my clients to take a second look at who is really in control of their lives, who is driving the bus.

To open the doors to noticing who/what is driving them – and often undermining their attempts to progress in life, I suggest a simple, fun and enlightening exercise.

Take a blank piece of paper and anywhere on the paper draw a bubble.

Then take a few big deep breaths, place your feet flat on the floor and focus on yourself for a moment. Get comfortable in your seat and close your eyes. Ask yourself what is your primary or most important role in life, and place the word that represents that role in the bubble you drew.. (The first that came to me was Mom/nurturer). Then randomly place various bubbles on the page that represent the different ways that you express yourself in life. Fill the page with as many bubbles as come to you, even if they seem unrelated or may have little play in your life..

Then stand back from the page and take some time to notice the relationships. Draw lines between bubbles that are related. For example, the psychic me helps me to tune in to most of my relationships as well as to my business.

When you have finished, you will have a rather complex picture of the person you are – and all the “characters” within you that have a say in your life. And you may note some peculiarities that tell you what is at work in you.

For example, when I was done, I was surprised to notice that my “bad guy”, the angry, vengeful, rebellious, risk-taking, resentful me is directly connected to the fearful scared me, but doesn’t play out in any other relationships… although the scared me influences almost every aspect of my life, and so of course does the bad guy when I am not in control.

Some of my roles

The point of the exercise is to notice that you’re not driving the bus in life by yourself… not only are you co-creating your circumstances in life with your partners, friends, families and communities, but you are co-creating with a dozen or more inner you’s, all wanting a say and a role in what you create, each, at one point or another wanting control of the wheel… and some of these characters may be quite set on putting obstacles in your way, running energy that will make it very difficult for you to attract what you want in life.

In my case, my scaredy-cat, backed up by my bad guy disagrees with the goals set by the entrepreneur me. Scaredy- cat is as afraid of success as she is of failure… this is a conflict I must address within myself on a daily basis.

The next step in the process is to recognize that we are not victims of our circumstances, or of our thoughts and feelings. Just as we can choose the roles we play in life, we can choose not to allow certain aspects of our character to have so much play – or say – in our creations. Often, the simple act of acknowledging that my scaredy-cat is at work in my decisions, will make her decide to get out of my way. It is simple a matter of noticing who is playing with you from moment to moment.

We are co-creators… attracting our circumstances through our thoughts and feelings.

You are not a victim of your thoughts and feelings. You can be in control – you can refuse to entertain the negative energy, the dark or fearful thoughts and feelings that end up attracting trouble… it is up to you.

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Miracles come from your love!

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