Is there a tarot genie that controls the number of shuffles or the cards you pick and can you change your destiny?

In a sense, there is a kind of Tarot genie, but not the way you are suggesting in your question.  The Tarot is magical.  It is more than a tool for divining the future. There is an energy to the cards that tells me there are ancient spirits that are connected with the Tarot, working with the reader to help them sense the messages contained in the reading. But it is the reader who decides how to prepare the cards for a reading, up to the reader to sense when the cards are ready and this comes from training and experience, building a relationship with the cards so they can begin to speak to the reader.

While we each come with a plan for our lives, our destiny is not “cut in stone”. Every day we make choices that can change our future. It is up to us to make the most of our opportunities, to learn and grow from our “mistakes” – and in this way, we can change our destiny.  Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

There is no Tarot genie that controls the number of shuffles.  Shuffle the cards until you feel you have done enough.  Your destiny is yours to control.  It is a matter of knowing what it is you want out of life.  Positive thinking is the way to go.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

I believe there is something spiritual (for lack of a better word) that is part of what goes on.  Perhaps it is our Higher Self helping us choose the correct card, its being able to ‘see’ what the cards are and knowing what we need to see/learn.  Someone explained it to me like this?  There are 78 ways to interpret your circumstance.  All those ways are, let’s say, floating in space above your head.  You reach up and grab one.  That is the one that will speak most clearly to you.  All the ways (ie, all the cards) speak truth.  But this card is the one that you can use to understand your situation at this moment in time.  I guess in a way you could say we connect to all possibilities.  On any given day a particular card speaks better is all.

As an example, yesterday I asked the ‘cards’ if I was EVER going to use my gifts in a satisfying way (I am very creative as well as spiritually gifted and a lot of what I do lies dormant or unspoken for in boxes all over my house).  I was pretty sure the answer would be No.  You haven’t ‘gotten it’ yet, what makes you think you ever will at this late date?  But I pulled the two of fire (staves/wands) and as I looked at the card all I could think was, Oh great.  A two.  What a loser I am.  But then I decided to read what a friend had written about that card and couldn’t believe what it said!  The very first part said, “Unfocused energy becomes clear and polarized.”  Could I have gotten a better reading?  I don’t think so.  This card was perfect for what I had asked.  Believe me, unfocused energy is my middle name!

So, in answer to your first question, some spiritual being or energy is guiding us, whispering when to stop shuffling, which card to pick.  But if we cut a deck, it is guiding our hand.  And believe me when I say, there have been plenty of times when I thought I had shuffled too long or not long enough, wasn’t sure which card to choose or what order to read them.  But even when friends choose the first card to be the answer to the last question, IT ALWAYS WORKS!

Now, as for your second question: I guess that would depend on what you considered ‘destiny.’  If you mean something that is set in stone, decided before you even take your first breath, then how could you?  But if you mean the end of your Be-ing…that which you have come to perform, then you can choose every single second one way or another.  If you find you are headed in a way that doesn’t feel right, certainly you have every right and power to change that direction.  Even if it means going back to the place where some choice directed you to that very place.  (This is where people get the idea of alternate universes/dimensions where we are living different lives based on the choices we made–or didn’t make here in this dimension)  But then, who’s to say that isn’t your destiny in the first place? (The changing of your life’s direction)  So it’s kind of a tricky question, isn’t it?  :o)

Hope this helps.  Good luck changing what is important to change in order to fulfill your life to the best of your ability!  I wish it for myself, as well!
LoLove, Teresa

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