One of the first times I saw who we see when we die was when a dear aunt was dieing. I was driving home from the hospital a week or so before she passed, praying and working the energy around her to do what I could to ease her passing, when I was shown a scene from the other side… many of my aunt’s loved ones, my grandparents, other relatives and friends in spirit were gathering in  a kind of great hall awaiting her arrival. I didn’t recognize most of the people there, but I knew my aunt would – and that she would be leaving us very soon now for a grand reunion.

Since then I have witnessed this gathering of the loved ones on numerous occasions. Most recently, I saw my father’s family-in-spirit coming together a week before we got news of his sister’s apparently sudden death.

What happens when we die is a fascination for many people, including one of our visitors:

“Who do we see when we die? Everyone says we see the loved ones. Who are the loved ones? The whole family? I guess I have a hard time understanding this whole concept. I would see my loved ones, which could be my parents. Will I see my grandparents if I did not know them? They died before I was born. Continuing, so my mother would see her loved ones which could be her mother and her father, my father sees his mother, his father, brothers and sisters and my grandmother would see her mother, sisters, brothers, brother’s wives, brother’s kids, and my grandfather would see his mother, father, brothers and their wives, sisters, husbands and children. The list can go on forever, so how is it that we will see all the loved ones and the loved ones see their loved ones and what about the mother-in laws and father-in-laws? It sounds very strange. What about if I would like to be with my mother and my husband but not with my husband’s mother (mother-in-law)? How is that possible and did any of the living people cross over and come back and how do we know that what you are saying is true and is not just something that your mind has created?

“It’s the same for people who  write about being in other dimensions and that with practice and having enough of some kind of energy, when the stars are lined up at a certain time they can cross to other dimensions. Did anyone yet cross any of the existing dimensions and came back to tell us about it? I do not believe that happened so how can anyone say that it is possible? This only reminds me of that one saying when “Grass is always greener on the other side”.

From what I have seen in helping others cross over, we are not always met by our loved ones. Twice, the person who was crossing over was met by what I call “the angel of death” who took the person to a kind of soul retrieval emergency ward for some deep  healing before they were able to move on and connect with loved ones. And our loved ones can also include animals, a dog, cat or horse or any animal with whom we have made a deep bond while on the physical plane.

We must remember that once we are in spirit, we don’t see with human eyes, but rather we sense the energy… so even though we may not recognize the physical appearance of a relative we never met while we were alive, we will “see” the energy in that person and know them as kin through the energetic connections.

From what I have seen, the loved ones who gather to meet the newly arrived spirit, come as a welcoming committee, to help the soul transition to life in spirit – and also to help clear karma from that life, get closure on outstanding issues, and help the spirit to cut the ties to  the earth plane. So…. if you had a problem with your mother-in-law while you were both alive, chances are that you will meet up again on the other side to see if it can be cleared now that you each have a much greater understanding of the family dynamics that were at work on both of you. The good news is that these connections are transitional… it is unlikely that you and your mother-in-law or any of your friends and family in spirit will be hanging in your space for very long.

However, if we do not “will” to see a soul, our will can be strong enough to avoid contact, even on the other side… and so it is that many souls do not get past the astral plane when they die and will reappear here on earth as ghosts. These souls are trapped by a will that is too strongly tied to life on earth and must be encouraged to complete the transition in order for them to get to the dimension where they can be welcomed by their loved ones.

This is all very hard to accept unless you’ve been there, felt it and seen it with your mind’s eye. The many people who have had near death experiences in which they crossed over and were sent back are convinced that someone will be waiting for them when it comes time to make the crossing for good.

While there are many, many people alive today who have crossed over and felt what happened when we die and seen who we see, I don’t believe there is anyone alive today who can say with absolute certainty or in great deatil what life is like in other dimensions. Like many of my colleagues, I have travelled to other dimensions and witnessed many strange life-forms and life-styles. But I think of these as possibilities as opposed to realities… and I can’t say that the “grass was greener” in all of those dimensions. In fact there were some dimensions that I was very glad to be just passing over because they appeared to be so very dark or hostile….

Says Karen about who we see when we die:

Our loved ones are everyone we have loved in our lives,  people that have been in our family… to me we have many, many people we have loved and have passed onto the spiritual world… our minds haven’t been accustomed to seeing people we have loved and suddenly passed on to the spiritual world… the spiritual world (in my own personal opinion) is only the beginning… yes we all come to earth and live our lives but then we go home again (the spiritual world)…

Through the gift of mediumship, I need to say that I and others like me have seen proof of the afterlife… we have seen our loves ones and also spoken to them or received messages from them via another person… I also want to say to you that there is only a very fine veil in between this earthly plane and the spiritual world… we are all energy in my eyes and that’s exactly what spirit is too . You can train yourself to see energy. When they come through to us, we do see them as they want to be shown… we, as in mediums/psychics/ etc have seen.. have witnessed spirit, and once you have the experience, you know in your heart that it is real.

A little example of proof for you is how in a reading would we know something which only you would know? This happens frequently when spirit communicates with us and we are given this as proof for the client… I truly hope this helps you and that this you can understand… sending you much health and happiness Love & Light xxx Karen

If you have never had a direct, verifiable experience with spirit, it is truly an act of blind faith to believe that it can happen… seeing is believing, at least when it comes to the spirit world. For mediums and psychics, the experience is natural and each experience adds depth to our understanding of the afterlife.

Years ago, my friend Mary-Anne and I were called into a missing person case. We located the woman’s spirit on the astral plane, still stuck in her body. She told us then where we could find the body she had left behind, but she made it clear that she didn’t want to be found. Over the next few weeks we had many experiences with her on the other side and were able to deliver a lot of useful information to her family, including that she had left a note with her body and that all would be resolved by Feb 14. Sure enough, that was the day of her memorial service. When the note that was found with her was read, Mary Anne and I were chilled to the bone. It was almost word for word the message we had given her husband the day after we had begun work finding her. My comment as we left the service is appropriate for closing this article: “If we saw everything that occurred here on the physical plane so accurately, then we must assume that what we saw of life on the other side was also true.”

And so, I trust that when it’s my turn to cross over, I will be greeted by my grandparents, the aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and family who have preceeded me to life and spirit, and hopefully also, Mr B, Squeak, Moppet, Daisy and all the beloved pets who made it across ahead of me. It will be another grand reunion!

  1. Just a query; ref the sentence you wrote:
    “The good news is that these connections are transitional… it is unlikely that you and your mother-in-law or any of your friends and family in spirit will be hanging in your space for very long.”

    Perhaps I read this slightly askew, but at first reading it suggests that having met up with everyone, they then all disappear off! After waiting all that time to meet up again with dear friends and animals, I’d be mortified if they gradually faded away, as mere “transitional” processes! I’m looking forward to not just seeing my pet birds again, but being WITH them, also the same with human friends….

  2. typically, we don’t have the same need for these companions on the other
    side, we move on to new tasks and lifetimes, all the richer for having loved
    and learned from and with them… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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