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When You’re Hurt….

Sometimes the universe throws a curve ball that you just weren’t ready for, leaving you with a black eye and deep bruises on your heart. I got thrown a few of these this summer when all hell broke loose around me… by the time the dust settled, I was spinning,  deeply hurt, betrayed by the people I cared the most for… I felt broken, at a loss… fortunately, my spiritual training helped me to stay calm so that I could work through the feelings and come to a resolution.

I kept asking myself, what is the meaning of this, what am I to learn from this experience? But from ground zero it is hard to see the bigger picture… Now, in retrospect I am able to actually respond to those questions… It seems this was a significant opportunity to put spiritual principles into practice in my life… and to see some truths…. and to notice that I had weathered the storms because of a change in strategy…   I behaved differently through these crises. Instead of falling into defense mode when I felt attacked, or adding fuel to the fire by raging back, I chose to stand firm in my position and to go quiet for a time. The new strategies were effective not only in keeping my balance, but in eventually clearing the confusion and attracting solutions.

What to do when your heart is breaking…

Here are some useful ways of dealing with those hurting times.

  • When things get crazy, take a big breath and stand back for a moment, choose not to react immediately, give yourself time to digest what has happened, then, when the anger has subsided some…
  • Listen carefully, be sure you understand what was said, and then make your own position clear. This may mean owning your own mistakes in the situation and defending/explaining your choices – when you do, speak succinctly, stick with the facts as you know them, without name-calling or blaming, and only once, do not repeat yourself… then…
  • Go quiet – withdraw, this is the way to process the initial waves of pain, and also to de-escalate any disputes… avoid interacting with anyone involved for a little while to give you some time to rebalance, to gather information and think about what happened, and to also consider what was going on for anyone else involved that might have triggered their behaviour towards you.
  • Surrender to what is – don’t resist the changes that the situation calls for, resistance usually makes the situation more painful – and makes it harder to come up with a solution. Accept that whether your position is right or wrong in this situation, it has called you to task – to make some changes, if only in attitude…. and it has revealed some truths that you needed to see.
  • Change your perspective… again, consider the other’s position in the situation – and remember that this incident is really just a moment in time… accept that this may influence the “bigger picture” – and that the changes could be positive… choose not to be a victim, trust that this situation has purpose, so ask yourself what you wanted to learn from it…
  •  Look in the mirror… our outer worlds reflect our inner worlds… Instead of asking why, or what you’ve done to deserve such pain, ask for the lesson in the experience to reveal itself…  notice what fears are at work in you that might attract such a challenge – have you been caught up in a victim consciousness recently, have you been feeling weak, uncertain, powerless in some ways? Take some time for some self examination, to dig around a little… meditate and pray for insights… you’ll be surprised at what comes.
  • Find someone to talk to, preferably a neutral person who will listen, give you a chance to vent and can offer some objective observations on the situation.
  •  Be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow… again, choose not to be a victim… accept that there is purpose in all, including this, and that this too shall pass… and trust that the universe has a better plan in mind for you…
  • Set things to right where you can… if you have overreacted at any point, be willing to apologize, be willing also to forgive – yourself as well as anyone else involved.  Focus on what you have learned from the experience, do your best to  let go of your anger, resentment and frustration…gently shift your attitude to the situation and the people behind it… move away from the pain… even if this means also letting go of some relationships, or jobs, or homes…
  • Then, move on… wiser, and at peace…..

Remember – releasing the hurt, forgiving, moving on, doesn’t mean that you have forgotten… but rather that you have learned and now you are intent on personal growth and the evolution of your soul…. being  hurt can ultimately work to your advantage – if you will let it…

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