We get so many calls and letters from people who cannot understand why a loved one hasn’t made contact from the other side. There can be a lot of reasons why a contact is slow… the main reason is that our grief gets in the way, spirit can’t find their way through the darkness, the pain that is in us.  Sometimes there is a lot of repressed resentment and anger at the person who has passed, so until these feelings are processed and the grief has had a chance to subside, spirit cannot get through.
If a person has died suddenly, or committed suicide, it can take some time for them to adjust to being in spirit again, and to process the feelings and emotions that are still with them.  No matter the state of mind, or the person’s preparedness for their passing, there is always a period of deep contemplation after passing, a time to assess the life just passed, to notice the successes and failures and to make a plan for the next. In this period, it is unlikely that those left behind will be able to make a connection…. and this is the time when those left behind seem to so desperately want to hear from them, to know they are OK. 
The way to react in these moments is to pray and light candles for the soul who has passed… and to trust that your love will carry the soul to its right destination, and when you are ready and open, you will be given a sign that they are well.
I lost one very close to me. I’m still waiting for contact as promised. Still nothing. I feel left alone with only grief. when will I be contacted ?
You are doing nothing wrong. Not all can contact immediately and sometimes our grief is a blockage because our emotions are so overwhelming we cannot be “reached”. Sometimes our beloveds go to “school” right away after death. This gives them time to adjust to the transition if they are confused in any way, provides an opportunity to review lessons learned and to elevate a bit higher. There is no time on the other side so what seems like forever to us is a blink over there. Your message will come….it is a certain song…I sense him whistling a tune… Cate
Shelly you’re not doing anything wrong. The spiritual realm has no time frame, no clocks so time means nothing to them. You’re also in grief dear, when we are going through grief we can and we do put up walls around us. Allow yourself time to heal and when you’re ready you’ll notice signs such as smells, dreams, and even songs on the radios. Blessings Jody
What we need to remember is that the person who has passed hasn’t changed his personality upon being in spirit…. If this soul has been quiet and reserved in this life, chances are, once in spirit, he will be quiet and won’t speak up unless he really thinks he has something important to say. And, if in this life, he didn’t believe in the afterlife, didn’t endorse the idea of spirit connections with those who are leaving, he will probably be awhile accepting that this limiting belief prevents him from moving forward in spirit, or consoling those he left behind..
One of the first contacts that spirit will often make with us is soon after they pass, in fact many will attend their own funeral. Folks come back for one last goodbye, to let us know they’re OK, that they have crossed safely, and to reassure us in our grief.
My friend’s step father died on Friday morning. We went to a medium that does not know us and she said he was saying thank you as he faded away. Is this not too soon?  thanks, Kim
No. There is no time line for receiving information. It depends on the departed. Some carry their troubles to the other side with them and others, like your dad are happy and with the freedom of spirit can indeed send messages shortly after their passing. I hope this helps you understand the process a little better. Cate
There is really no time on the other side, so there is no such thing as soon.  It sounds like he successfully crossed over and is already working on the things he needs to do to prepare for his next incarnation.  Love, Light, & Laughter,  Christopher Ree
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  1. hi , i’m danni and my dad died about 2 years ago of a brain tumor , and because i was really upset because i loved him so much and still do but because i am now 12 i was just wondering if he had ever left me a sign to tell me that he was okay and better and back to his normal self that he used to be before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. my mum told me that just after my dad died when she came home from i think it was my grans and went upstairs she smelt my dads cigarette and i got ver curious and was wondering if that was a sign that he was ok. my big cousin Louise also told me that when she had a psychic come to her house that my dad had a necklace on and it was a a hollogram of me , my little brother , big brother and sister and that he said that was a really nice thing my gran had done for the four of us meaning that christmas before my big cousin had the psychic in , my gran gave us four a necklace shaped like a heart for me and my sister and a oval for my brothers with a picture of him on it. i was just wondering if he still had it and forgive me for loosing mine. if you get in contact with my dad please tell him that i love him and tell me if he has any messages for me because we all really miss him. thanks , danni.

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