We learn many lessons  from the animals around us, but one of the most difficult is letting go when one has passed. No matter the age or the circumstances, losing a beloved furry or feathered friend is is painful.  Still, we must go on loving…

I have had two pets that have meant the world to me.  My dog Buttons, passed away over two years ago now.  She had a good life and was 14 when she left me.  I have continued to feel close to her and it was easier to be ok with the fact that she was not here, since she was older.  However, just yesterday my dog Tucker who was only a year and a half died.  He was running around in the back yard and fell over.  My girlfriend and I tried cpr but we had no success.  He was like our son, and feel so lost without him.  He was here such a short time and I cannot understand.  I guess im just scared that he is scared somewhere.  It is hard to have that faith of what happens when we die, when really we never experience anything that reassures us.  I don’t want another dog.  I want Tucker back.  How can we find some kind of peace? Erin

I do not think peace is something you find easily in the death of what I call a heart dog. He is the dog you are attached too in a way like no other.

I can tell you I have seen many dogs in spirit and they do come to visit with those they have loved. You have given him a soul with your love.

Like you I am a dog person and I have 6. If you want to change things then do not get just one dog but maybe two or three.  But for the sake of easy training get them one at a time not at the same time.

I still mourn for cocker girl I lost 11 years ago when she escaped the yard and got hit by a car. I lost another cocker girl 3 years ago when she was 16 and I still feel her loss. They are like children and having lost a child I can tell you as shocking as it may sound losing a beloved heart dog and a child is very similar.

Let yourself mourn and then when you are ready, bring home another dog and be prepared to love and adore it and wait a few months or a bit more and then get another. I had to quit when I got to 6. All are house dogs and four weigh over 75 lbs.

Take care of yourselves and let yourselves mourn the loss of a beloved canine friend. That is what respect is about and what love is about. Love, Victoria

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