As many of you know, I have not been well for some months. Increasing arthritic pain, fatigue and a mysterious weight loss meant seeing several specialists and lots of tests.  They still don't have all the answers, but the possibilities are narrowing, thankfully, cancer has been ruled out. I am intent on feeling much better, so I have been taking a multi-layer approach to the healing.  In other words, I am following my doctor's orders, but I am also taking some herbs, vitamins and supplements, and I am looking inward, to see what purpose is being served, what is it I am expected to learn, or to change from this downturn…

That's where I got stumped. It can be relatively easy to answer those "purpose" questions for my clients, but my mind went blank when I tried to see the larger purpose behind where I am in life now… I was searching for deeper, more meaningful questions and answers… and so I kept asking myself, "what is my question?" Certainly the most obvious came up, for example, why have I not had the financial success that most of my siblings have, why was I burdened with  a broken spine that left me broken in many other ways… why did I choose the high road, making my life even more challenging? Why did I have a disabled son?  I could find answers one by one, and I did gain some significant insights, for example, my son has taught me a lot about patience and managing my hot French Canadian temper. But I had long come to terms with the answers to most of those questions. I wanted to know what they all added up to…. thus I continued to feel that I hadn't found my question yet… until I do, I will probably feel a little stuck.

You see, the quest for answers to our questions is how we grow and learn…

Without a question we are like a rudderless rowboat lost at sea… and that is exactly how I feel right now…all of those questions and answers tell a story, but what is the story, what does it mean altogether ?

I will not be satisfied until I can formulate the question that is in me until I understand how it all adds up.. not until I can put into words what I feel inside…

A question is tantamount to a plan, the search for answers suggests a direction and keeps us moving forward…without a question, we are at the mercy of the universe…

Some folks spend their whole lives without a question, floating along with what they think they should be doing, what is easy and obvious… for some this works, they naturally find their right partners and careers – and their purpose – but many go through life vaguely dissatisfied, dealing only with the superficialities of their lives, discontented… wondering why the universe is not delivering what they want…the trouble is, without formulating a question or direction, the universe doesn't know what you want…

The upside of my ill-health was recognizing that I had a an important question in me… I'm not satisfied with the questions and the answers I have had… there is something more that I want to know… I'm on a quest for that bigger, deeper, all-encompassing question… I'll let you know when I find it.

So, have you thought about it, do you have a questions about the purpose of some events in your life? What's your question? What quest are you on?

PS My clients have learned that they must have a purpose to their reading, they must have a question in order for me to connect with their energy so I can see the flow, and the story in the cards…

If you want a good reading, prepare your questions, otherwise you could get a reading that's all about romance when what you really wanted to know was when you would get that promotion you've been after. Having a question offers the reader a starting point and a direction for the reading…  a lot more information may come up, but giving your reader a question is a sure way of getting your priorities dealt with.. Sometimes a client will struggle with their question, so I will ask what made them want to come and see me, what is most important in their lives at this time… this always produces a question, often several…

Get a Reading, perhaps a Life Purpose Reading

  1. Well

    THAT was a perfect timing read, as i sit here at 11pm with the shits that my thumb is paining from this mornings cortisone into the thumb

    for more arthritis????????????????

    and.. the list goes on.

    thank You

    love you

    GOOD LUCK ????

    ( in flowing with the universe and learning your lesson)

    oh Danielle .. 

    ???????? Get better! 

    And ????


  2. I would say to you that the impression I recieved first off reading your story was you will know as soon as you enter the circumstances which you meet the person in whom instantaneously it will all have made perfect sense and it will have been all so worth it. Secondly I got this that you will not know the full extent of your reach here on this earth but as your trials have produced great fruit in which your son has learned alot of precious and rare gifts on how to be a great compassionate soul who Never gives up!!!m not even a psychic but I am very close to The Lord God and I call him Jesus and he sometimes alows me insight into things maybe this is one of those times theres a scripture in The Bible which speaks of being tried through fire like gold and believe me when I tell you I believe it is all for such greater things than ourselves each time we speak our words have so much power to bless or curse and we ought to understand this life is but a glimpse of eternity and im willing to bet your suffering has blessed strengthened taught and even saved countless people with beautiful souls and i would also bet if you were able to see briefly one life and the changes and transformation new perspective hope faith you brought through words you may not even recall you would do it all for that one im just saying id be willing to bet thats the kind of soul you are and if thats the case God Bless You and Ill pray for you and your answer

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