One of the basic Laws of the Universe is that All is in motion,
All vibrates… We talk so much about vibrational frequency in our readings
and articles on the site, we thought it would be useful to collect the articles
and summarize then in this blog.

The Law of Vibration

This law states that nothing rests; that the universe, and everything that exists, is in motion. The spoken word, for example, is a vibrating vehicle of power, giving form and expression to thought. Everything vibrates as frequency, sound and temperature. Rocks, insects, plants, and people differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational freqency and energy pattern. Each molecule of the body is held in place, keeping its relationship to all the others, because of its programmed resonant frequency. Expanding one’s consciousness (like increasing the light in a dark room) and raising one’s vibration are synonymous.

The more focused the attention, the calmer the mind, and the slower the brainwaves (all very stress-reducing and achievable through meditation), the closer one’s approach to higher spiritual vibration and ultimate transendence is likely to be. Understanding the Law of Vibration enables you to FEEL the Big Picture so that you can begin to consciously move and shift it……. by increasing our personal frequencies, we can literally change the world..

Applying the Law of Vibration:

(Also known as the Law of Attraction )

Generating loving energy for ourselves, our lives and our world, our Oneness, is the surest, simplest, and fastest way to raise our frequencies. And anyone who wants to play or work in the psychic or spiritual realms MUST become conscious of their personal vibrational frequencies in order to avoid untimely and unpleasant meetings with lower energies on their way to reaching the higher realms and frequencies.. Raising one’s vibrational frequncy is a lifelong task for a good psychic, since it is ultimately the only way we can see clearly and speak truly…. As psychics, it becomes crucial to understand the role of vibrational frequency in paranormal phenomena – without this understanding, we cannot effect any real healing, nor can we protect ourselves from being invaded… whether by the negative thoughts and feelings, the frequencies of others around us, by our own lower frequencies, or by some spirit from the astral plane….

Color and Vibrational Frequency

The body is electrical – there is a significant electrical charge that vibrates through our bodies and this energy radiates outwards from the body… the energy field that surrounds the body is known as the aura. (You can use dowsing rods to determine where your aura stops and to notice any bulges or holes in the aura.) Our vibrational frequencies are affected by the words in and around us, the colurs we see, the numbers that are attached to us, the frequencies of other people and a myriad of other influences. And these frequencies can be seen – and manipulated – by working with the colours in our aura and our chakras. Within the body, the electrical current is focused in seven energy centers called chakras, each of which are associated with a specific colour – and frequency – which can be seen in the aura. The best way to understand colour systems is to study the chakra system … red can speak to anger and pain, as well as passion and sexuality, is associated with the root chakra, and has a powerful magnetic quality to it. Each of the colours and the chakras is associated with a specific range of vibrational freuencies, so playing with the color tends to not only help clear and focus the chakras and facilitate healing, but also to raise our overall frequency.

Any decorator or designer will tell you how important color is in our lives… the colors around us can change our moods, make us more or less active, productive, amorous, glamorous…

Why? Because science will tell you that each color is associated with a specific vibrational frequency. In fact, each color can be associated with a musical note! When there is a predominance of one or two colors in our environment, that vibrational frequency – and the characteristics or qualities associated with that frequency – will tend to influence the activities conducted in that environment – and the attitude of those in it, and even around it.

Says Sir Martin Brofman in his work on the Body/Mirror system

Each of the chakras is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, in a logical and orderly sequence of seven vibrations. As we move up the scale, the elements become more and more subtle, moving through the five physical elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, to the spiritual elements of inner sound and inner light. The heaviest element is on the bottom, the lightest on the top. It is a logical and orderly sequence. The colors of the spectrum also represent a series of seven vibrations in a logical and orderly sequence, as do the notes of the musical scale. Thus, we can put the heaviest vibrations or the longest wavelength on the bottom and the lightest on the top, and a particular color can be used to represent a chakra in its clear state, as can a particular musical note. Music played in a certain key vibrates a particular chakra, and we feel a particular way when we hear that music. Our relationship with a certain color says something about our relationship with the part of our consciousness that the color represents.

Changing the color in a room, through paint, lighting or accessories will have a direct and profound affect on everything in the room – and everything that goes on there. The same applies to web site design, the choice of colors for your business or institution, and even the colors you choose to wear.

Language and Other Influences on Frequency

Another powerful way to express one’s intent to raise vibrational frequency is through the spoken word. A good psychic understands and uses the power of the spoken word… language is a way of projecting our consciousness into the world, language is focussed intent… energy in motion… One of the ways that I am alerted to a client’s real issues os through the use of language, through the tone and vibrational frequency in the words that were used… Even through email, I can “feel;” the frequency of the querant through the expression of language – and the numbers in their birthdate as well as their astrological birth signs Pay attention also to the numbers in your life, and how the stars are influencing your frequencies at any given time… and also to a whole lot of other influences on frequency – the clutter around you reduces your frequency, anger and frustration reduce your frequency, playing video games or sitting in front of the boob tube for days on end reduces your frequency… Playing with the kids or the animals in your life, involving yourself in any type of creative activity raises your frequency… great music, laughter, enthusiasm, whether for work or for play raises your frequency. Mastering a new skill, a random act of kindness, smiling at a stranger all raise your frequency. Gardening, sports, a walk in the park, connecting with an old friend, are all easy ways of raising frequencies. And as we raise our own frequencies, we automatically raise the vibratory levels of all around us – thus, we effectively change the world by changing ourselves.

So what are you doing do raise your frequency???  

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a light and useful article. :)

  2. I have been involved helping people raise their frequency through chakra work for the last 15 years. It’s nice to see this information popping up everywhere!

  3. I’m wondering about stimulating or simulating our vibrations or frequency with some sort of programable device that can be worn on the body as a kind of resonance therapy

  4. Kevin – I think that’s what the Q-Link does and there are other devices as well, like something called The Rejuvenizer.

  5. where can one get an instrument that measures aura frequency. Love your site.
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