About six weeks ago I opened a dialogue with the Global Psychics team because of the unease that seemed so strong in me, a nervousness that I couldn’t account for. Almost every member of the team wrote back to say that they too were anxious about what might unfold over the summer months

“It is the eerie stillness that is bothering me… the calm before the storm… one time I’ll be happy to be proven wrong…. and I keep feeling it south of me, the Gulf? guess we’ll wait and see…”
We didn’t have to wait for long… it seems that that the world has gone mad, the rioting in Britain reflecting the rage and sense of helplessness that so many are feeling around the world. Phil accuratelypredicted an uneasy, challenging summer… as more and more countries admit that they are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, we are seeing world wide financial disaster looming, markets crashing and rebounding, young people rioting, gas prices continuing to rise… and that’s only half the story… we are also dealing with unprecedented drought, heat, and drenching storms that create flash floods… the center of one of the most beautiful towns in Canada was wiped out by a tornado just a few days ago… Hurricane Irene is set to wreak havoc along the east coast of the US…. and the storm season has only just begun in this part of the world…
When I checked our predictions for this year, I recognized why I couldn’t define my anxiety… it didn’t come from one or two or even three events, but from a pile-up, a whole series of predictions coming true all at the same time. An example taken from our 2011 predictions:
“We can expect the “father” figures, our leaders to be challenged in new ways…. the old boys networks and patriarchal ways of the past are fighting to keep their old power, but the demand for change is beyond their control.”
 As Qaddafi and many other despots have discovered this year…
The sense of surprise attacks and secret plots was so strong that I mentioned it several times in our 2011 predictions: “the period between June and September could bring some unpleasant surprises. “ and “be alert for surprise attacks, secret plots and hidden agenda. This element is also associated with terrorists, assassinations and back-stabbing. Clashes may be fierce, and quite destructive.” So many examples of how this played out, killing Bin Laden, the new phenomenon of flash mob robberies, the tragedy in Norway, the rioting in Britain and other parts of the world….
Economic issues also showed clearly in the 2011 reading: “…individuals will be determined to be more disciplined, especially with money… governments will be focused on practical matters and domestic issues…” “folks will continue to hold back on spending which means that economic recovery seems to move at a snail’s pace – there seems no cure for the global economic malaise…” Little did I know that I was actually talking about a market crash, and whole countries – including the United States – fighting bankruptcy.
Who would have thought that Rupert Murdoch’s empire would be exposed when I wrote that “A terrible abuse of power comes to light in the summer.”
What bothered me most when the news of the rioting and the market crashes first broke was that I kept remembering images and prophecies that I had been give in the late 80’s around what to expect in the 2012 transformational cycle…My guides warned me to watch for the very kind of “pile-up” that we have witnessed this summer… a kind of global chaos as we approached 2012… with a worldwide financial meltdown – to come at a time when the warriors were being called home – I was told to watch for a time when the young people would riot in the streets, and the winds would blow stronger than ever… 200mph winds could become something of a norm….
“Something” is definitely up… just this evening, I heard from another psychic warning of dangerous times ahead, asking if anyone else shared her concern…. A Russion site is warning of a cataclysmic event to occur some time by Sept 5…. so what should we do, head for the hills?  How do we prepare? If you are in one of the danger zones, along any of the coastlines in the world, it could be a wise idea to have a survival kit ready… and to take cover when you are warned.
People seem to be in crisis in all parts of the world now… some are in the news, the fight for Libya, hurrican Irene, but behind thes newsworthy events are millions of private struggles, whether for survival against the storms, or for a job… These days are crazy-making.
With chaos building all around us, there’s no telling what to expect day by day, and so my advice is very simple: tend to “home base”, focus on family, deal with personal issues, build relationship, do your job, whatever it is, with love and pride and gratitude. Make it a goal to create a safe, love-filled lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.
Go gently.

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