Why Get a Pre-Birth Planning Reading?
If we knew what we had planned to learn prior to our arrival in this particular here and now, this life time, wouldn’t it make it a lot easier to see the clues and understand what we were doing, and why our friends and family are who they are?
Our spirit essences have tried on many different personalities, and experimented with infinite expressions of being human, both positive and negative.

We have the opportunity in this current phase of the life of humanity, to look into and find out about the ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s” of who we are, not only this time around, but in other life times. And to ask real questions about what we agreed and planned to do in this and previous life times.

With the knowledge and understanding gained many experiences and especially emotions suddenly make sense. We can eliminate the usual kinds of responses we might have to a current life situation, and use the energy instead to focus on completing that which we planned on prior to birth. That which we came to do.

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Says Cherie

Before coming into this earth life we all had a ‘meet-up’ with our spirit guides,teachers and guardians to plan what and why we were coming into incarnation. This spiritual conference included a review as to what had been left unresolved by the soul, what remained unhealed and incomplete and what agreements would be set in place to give the soul an opportunity to grow and heal. This would include agreements with other souls we had ‘outstanding debts’ and unfinished business with. This would be what we call karma with other people. Included in this spiritual conference would be agreements of family origins, mate agreements and people we would arrange to connect with at certain times in our lives to be pivotal facilitators for growth and life lessons or tests.

There would be a blueprint of sorts that would guide and direct our lives which also allows for free will at all times as to whether or not we would follow through with these agreements.

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Get a Pre-Birth Planning Reading

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