You are what you think…. you get what you focus on….

It can be a real challenge to maintain an upbeat, optimistic attitude when the focus of the people and the environment around you is caught up in fear.

I had been away from the office for a couple of weeks – my usual Christmas break, time to be with my son – so I walked in that morning kind of wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to get back at it… but by the time I hung up my coat it became obvious that something was wrong… so off I went to my boss's office , "what's going on, you can cut the air in here with a knife." Fortunately, my boss had learned to trust my intuition, so he told me what was up before I could go digging around… it seems one of our largest clients was getting ready to sue and the company President and other top brass were on their way in from Ottawa for a meeting with them. The whole office was focused on this meeting, and the anxiety associated with it… the energy in the air was palpable, negative, almost suffocating…. I headed for my office and shut the door so I could focus on getting back up to speed with my own work…

Sometimes the wisest move when you come across a cloud of dark energy is to get out of the way…. otherwise you are liable to get sucked into someone else's negative pattern….

What's on your mind shows all over your aura, and often your face and body… We carry our daily stresses in our shoulders, our posture, even in our voices… What's interesting is that when we notice and actively relax and release those places in our bodies that are tight, "on alert", not only do we feel easier, softer, and more comfortable, but we also effectively free our minds.

An easy exercise to clear your mind is to start by clearing your body:

Take three big deep breaths, in through your nose, out through you mouth…. then drop your focus to your toes, notice how they feel, consciously relax your toes, then notice and relax your feet, ankles, calves, knees… work your way up your body slowly, noticing how each part of your body feels and then consciously relaxing it, releasing whatever stress was held there.

When you have reached the top of your head, take time to absorb how it feels to be stress-free, even for a minute…. let your mind be empty, focus on one word, Love, for example, to give your mind something to do.

Most importantly, check in on yourself frequently…. be aware that what you think, how you think and how you feel about yourself and your world shows all over you, in the tilt of your chin, the slope of your shoulders and in your every gesture.  Your body tells a story – be aware of it, tell a happy story!

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