A rose, by any other name, as Shakespeare pointed out, may smell as sweet, but would it really still be a rose?

A name carried the essence of the power and spirit of its owner, hence in many faiths the true Name of God is a great mystery, shrouded in oblique references and rarely spoken aloud.  In the Jewish faith, only the High Priest pronounces the Name of God. The belief is that the power of the name of God is such that the whole world will be struck dumb if it were shouted out loud, hence the vital necessity to keep it a secret. In Islam too, there are 99 names of God, plus one more, unknown name, the Greatest Name. God and the Name of God are identical and to know all these names enables a person to enter Heaven.

The Ancient Egyptians felt that the name was a living thing, an inextricable part of the person it described.  Often, when people become affiliated to a religion, they are given another name as part of thier initiation, a sign of their rebirth, a new identity conferred by allegiance to the faith.

The power of the name is also the reason why, in Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, the name of the arch villain Voldemort is rarely said, replaced instead with “you know who”. In the fairy tale, knowledge of the name of Rumplestiltskin will buy power over him. It’s an old superstition that a child without a name is somehow without a soul, and is therefore at risk of exposure to evil influences.

In the Celtic lands, the name of a person and their job, occupation, or function was the same.  This tradition lives on today, particularly in parts of Wales where the person is described by both name and occupation, Dai the Post, for example.

The Blessing Hidden in Your Name

By Teresa Crane

When you were yet being formed in secret in the hidden places of your mother’s womb, you knew who you were. Your spirit knew your Name. You may have whispered it to your mother. Your father may have heard the whisper, too. So that on the day of your Naming, the Name that was given you was the Name that spoke of Whom you were, Who you were meant to be.

A Name is more than just a label. It speaks of Essence. It speaks in Truth.

Has anyone ever called you a bad name? Have you ever rebuked yourself when you did something you thought was stupid and called yourself Stupid or Idiot? Your spirit heard those words, those ‘names’, and you began to manifest and believe them as if they were truly true.  The same is true every time you hear your name.  Your spirit knows the meaning.  I help you discover the picture, the hidden meaning.

Even if you already know what your name means, the ‘picture’ I will get of your name should be one that speaks to the deep places inside you, bringing forth a newfound understanding of who you are and who you are in the world–who you are meant to be.  It is my greatest hope the words I send you will encourage and bless you.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being part of your life, part of your self-discovery.

Get a Name Reading

This Spiritual Insight into your Name and your Essence
is a great way to get a picture of who you are
so you can begin to know and believe great things for yourself.
It is my hope this Insight will strengthen and empower you
because of the ownership you have toward your name.

I am excited to share this as an added benefit
in your progress toward reaching your goals.
You are an awesome creation!
I want you to believe it!

It is my greatest wish for you to become

I love you!
The Universe is waiting!

Get Your Own Name Poem

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