Over the years, I’ve asked many clients to stop wearing so much black, or to lighten the dark hair around their faces, or to stop wearing a specific piece of jewelry. Why? Because the darkness around them was dampening their aura, or the jewelry was holding lower vibrations that “infected” their hopes and dreams.

Everything around us is vibrating, colours, stones, metals, fabrics, – like words and numbers – all vibrate at specific frequencies – some lower, some higher. What’s more, many objects will absorb the frequencies of what has been around them and then radiate this frequency back to us.  Great, if what you are wearing is vibrating love and enthusiasm, not so good if the object is holding anger and frustration.

Wood, metals and even stone, for example are able to take in and carry the vibrations of the people and events around them. That is how psychometry works. I can pick up a ring, or even an item of clothing that someone has recently worn and tune into the vibrations of the people who wore it to know how they were feeling and even what they were thinking when they wore the item.

So, if you have worn a particular set of earrings through a traumatic time in your life, it is usually a good idea to take them off and allow them to clear for awhile. As long as you continue to wear these earrings, they will hold the pain you have suffered around you, making it harder to heal and move on from it.

Sometimes we inherit a very special piece from someone we have dearly loved and we want to keep the item near us as a reminder of their love. These are the items that I most often notice and ask to be removed when I do a reading because the frequencies don’t quite fit the wearer/inquirer. Too often these old items are laced with unhappy memories that the wearer doesn’t know about. For example, you’ve inherited Grandma’s wedding ring and want to wear it because you loved her so much… but this ring had seen many painful losses in Grandma’s lifetime and although she was a brave and loving woman who hid her pain through the years, privately she held some deep sadness in her, or in another scenario, perhaps in her last years, she suffered quietly with terrible arthritis… chances are, once you start wearing this ring, you will find that you are unaccountably feeling quite depressed, or achey and sore all of the time… that’s Grandma’s ring acting on you… almost as soon as you take it off, you’ll notice a weight lifting from your shoulders, your heart lifting, or the pain in your body leaving you.

What we wear has a bearing on how we feel, and can even interfere in a psychic’s ability to see clearly, as this visitor suggests:

My friend had a psychic reading and they told her she needed to remove her body jewelry.. I was curious what it is that body jewelry affects.  The lady said something about effecting her emotional state of being, and I was wondering if you could explain why that is.  thank you, Tara

Explains Phil: Basically, much depends on what kind of jewelry is involved, and where it is worn. There are three primary things to consider, with a few intangibles included:

First, gems and crystals. If the wearer doesn’t fully resonate with the natural energies of the stones (assuming they’re real stones), the wearer may be thrown off by them. “Thrown off” is an energetic thing that is too lengthy and involved to get into here, but let’s just say that a person either isn’t ready for the gemstone, or the wearer has outgrown it. Where a gemstone is worn is important in this instance – rings and such aren’t nearly as significant as pendants (on the throat or heart) for example.

Second, the design might be “wrong.” For instance, if the wearer is a person with Christian beliefs, a pagan pentacle or a star of David would be inappropriate for who they “truly” are, no matter that the symbology be universal or not. A yin-yang, or crescent moon and star – whatever – the symbols may not be relevant for the wearer’s state of evolution. A thorough knowing of whichever symbol is worn, on whatever physical power point it is displayed, is necessary. For instance, if the wearer wishes to open up their
heart, a moonstone pendant at the heart chakra would be appropriate. But if the wearer has unresolved emotional issues, a diamond at the heart would backfire big time. Similarly, if a gifted writer wanted to be able to speak in front of audiences, a diamond at the throat might really be helpful.

Third, and this is weird, but perhaps is very relevant. If the piece of jewelry has a history – worn and loved by someone in the past – some of the past may still inhabit the piece, and bite the wearer when they’re not expecting it. This is especially true with gemstones and precious metals like gold and silver. How this works isn’t nearly as important as knowing that it does, or can.

I’m sure the psychic who did this reading for your friend knew a few of the things I’m writing about, and perhaps more of the specifics, so I’ll defer to their judgment. Yup, it’s always a good idea to rotate one’s accessories, and this is coming from no-one’s idea of a fashion guru! Peace, Phil the astrologer

My comments: Body jewelry like nose, tongue or navel rings will interfere directly with the energy of specific chakras and can make it difficult for a psychic to see clearly… however these items, in themselves, tell a story about the inquirer and I believe that a good psychic can read “through” them. We do many readings by email and it makes no difference to us what the client is wearing – or not – when we actually tune in to do the reading. When I ask a client to stop wearing black or to remove an item of jewelry it is always because of the effect of the item on the client, not me. This is a perfect example.

Okay, my grandmother gave me a sterling silver bracelet with colorful beads on it. I’m somewhat of a “goth” so it surprises people that I wear it everyday. She gave it to me before she died. That was about 3-4 years ago. Lately, the bracelet keeps getting caught on something, and it hasn’t been doing so before. Things like my blanket, my pants, my shirt, my jacket. Why now? I’d look to wear things would get caught and bend it in so it won’t get caught on anything, but it seems to be coming undone on it’s own. Usually, I’d ignore it. But I’m a believer and I’m begining to think it’s some kind of sign or warning, I took it off for the time being? Is it a warning…? Or am I just being paranoid? Marti

Jewelry is so often a keeper of the energies of the person who first wore it, or was the primary owner of it. It catches the owners’ eye much of each day they wear it, especially if it’s a ring or a bracelet – it thus becomes imprinted with the wearers’ thoughts and experiences. Are you sure they are beads and not gems? Gems and crystals are even more powerful holders of the wearer’s energetics for all the reasons you might hear or read about.

I don’t sense it is a warning so much as a wake-up call, and not necessarily to be alert for any physical dangers, but probably some spiritual ones. You are somehow ignoring some things you didn’t even know you’ve forgotten. Let me explain this last bit: Just before you were born, your Grandmother’s higher self (during her sleep perhaps) met up with your prenatal Soul/higher self to “discuss” some things regarding the Spirit world. They conspired to give you that bracelet so that it would be a trigger for messages from her
to you after she had made the transition. The word “conspire” means to “breathe as one with Spirit,” no matter what we might think of when we hear of a conspiracy going on.

Anyway, the message being delivered has to do with her wanting you to be preparing for the upcoming five years, to get more serious about your purpose for being here. I don’t know what this all entails, but it would be wise for you to figure it out for yourself. Do some past-life regression to see how your karmic prologue reads, perhaps try some automatic reading, or learn various meditation disciplines with the bracelet. If she had a
particular spiritual tradition, you might want to explore it a little, but if she was a devout practitioner of an organized religion, I’d suggest an exploration of the mystical side.

Psychic abilities often skip generations, so you might want to keep this in mind – from her to you. I don’t think there’s enough time to follow the footsteps of the Buddha for instance – wandering around the wilderness for six years seeking enlightenment – but reading some stuff the great teachers have left us gives you an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants. When I say “I don’t think there’s enough time,” I’m not saying that you don’t have long to live, all I’m saying is that the world can’t wait for you to get to work and help become a co-creator of the new world we need to see – nothing good ever just happens by itself. 2012 is almost tomorrow.

Astrologically, the Moon is a karmic trigger in Her own right, just like your grandmothers’ bracelet. All of our past-lives are chock-full of promises made to other people, as lovers in each others’ arms always have since the beginning of time while gazing at the full Moon. That’s the main reason emotions run so high during a full Moon – we wonder whatever happened to our true “Soul mates.” Perhaps at the next full Moon (April 2), you could
do a little meditation on Her and ask your Grandmother to clarify a few things? Peace,
Phil the astrologer

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