By Cate Cavanagh

A lot of people wonder as to whether or not to have a reading. What will be discovered, why have certain things happened, what will happen, when will love be found, why hasn’t love been found yet and when will finances turn around. There is no doubt that now, especially in these harsh times, people are giving readings a chance, more weight so to speak. But people need to understand what a reading really is.

A reading can be more targeted if you have a specific need or question in mind. However most clients realize that during a reading main issues will be discovered without telling the reader anything specific at all. How can this happen? A reader or psychic has a “telephone line” to the cosmos or ethers within the vastness of this universe. There is a whole lot of information floating around out there. Information as a result of prayer, wishes, hopes and of course the search for answers or solutions for concerns and obstacles. There is also Karmic information in the ethers. Information on the whys and when and its permanence. Every reader has developed his or her connection to this metaphysical IT so no two readers use the same system. There are specialized areas that some readers choose to work while others are more eclectic. I am an eclectic but always, if a more specialized model is needed, will refer a client to a specialist.

But this begs the question “What is a reading?” Readings can provide cause and effect insights to event and their consequences not seen by a client. This is very important because information is educational and offers solutions to avoiding destructive patterns. This type of reading can also help a client prevent another similar obstacle. There is also Karma which can help a client change or accept the karmic debt being paid or not. There are some Karmic debts that must be paid for life. But these are debts we, as spirits before birth, choose to accept. Other karmic debts are the result of our actions and we can firmly decide “That’s it! This debt is paid and I will not have this plague me anymore!” If you are up to this then you must accept the work and responsibility needed to end this cycle of karmic debt.

A reading can help you see your current path and your alternate path as well as choice options that will decide what path you will be on. In other words much of life CAN BE CHANGED and readings can help you learn what to avoid and to choose to reach the better path. Life is is not stagnant. Molecules of energy are in constant motion and we can move those molecules in the direction we want by deciding to do so and being persistent.

A reader can help you stay on course and whether whatever storms you may have to face as you work toward getting on your preferred path. Many are under the delusion that change happens quickly. It can but most of the time it doesn’t. Change requires effort. Spirituality requires effort. A total self examination is necessary to accomplish change or growth of any kind and a reader can help you make healthier and more assertive choices to get you where you want to be.

We get a lot of questions about love. Love is the most transient energy in the Universe. Possibly because there are so many different types of soul mates a lot of confusion results because intense feelings can be felt for more than one person at the same time. The same goes for that person of interest as well. A reading on love can give insight about soul mates to help the client understand the love process as well as the whys and shy-nots.

In any event a reading helps a person improve their outlook and outcome in many situations but the willingness to shift mental gear on the part of the client is integral to growth and change. That said a reading is a very useful tool toward learning about oneself and one’s purpose. It assures and reassures but most importantly it provides a ‘trend” that we can see before us and choose to take action toward that a trend (if desired) or away from it (if undesired).

Global Psychics have many return clients. This is because we have proven our readings truly provide insight and assistance to all the problems our clients need. Please check out the many reading options offered. There is something for everyone. Blessed Be! Cate

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