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What defines a psychic? Is it just extreme mental training?

I don’t think it’s really possible to define what being psychic is – it just is – at least for me it is. As soon as you try to define anything it gets destroyed, meaning that it can’t become anything else. A huge part of it is just trust, and I think there are at least two significant things going on here, so I’ll relate my own story to see if it answers any questions for you.

First is a sense I’ve had since I was very young of feeling like I didn’t belong in my family, school, church, with most of the other kids, etc. I didn’t think anyone could understand what I was thinking or sensing, that there were energies surrounding me that I couldn’t understand for myself. This part of being psychic is something some of us were just born with, a gift masquerading as a curse.

As a matter of personal survival, I eventually learned how to embrace my inner whacko, a mental discipline/training in and of itself, of ruling out mental illness and simply learning that some things about my personality would never change. Acceptance along these lines has gone a long way for me, so I’m thinking that acceptance of our limitations and our quirks is a major key for anyone. This is a kind of mental training, which of course needs further exploration.

This all wasn’t enough for me though, I needed to know why I felt like the entire Universe was pushing me around at times. To make a very long story short, after several decades of search and research into various schools of spiritual thought, I finally learned astrology which answered most, if not all, of my questions. And I now know what those decades of spiritual dead-ends was all about – I needed to rule out a lot of things and keep bits and pieces of what was working for me, stuff that other people might not be able to appreciate but so be it – I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone else – just myself.

Basically, I was looking for my own place in the Universe, creating my own theology in the process, a combination of mental and spiritual training. I’ve taken most of my cues from the natural world, of which the planets can be seen as an overriding energetic. I was also learning that astrology is a language of symbols, geometry and ancient archetypes that relatively few people can appreciate and relate in simple terms, another mental discipline that suits my inner whacko just fine!

So, I think that being psychic is where the spiritual (unseen) meets the mind and vice versa, with an innate sense that neither one of these unseen worlds is untrustworthy. In this light (literally!), I’ve been able to reclaim the word “faith” without the religious baggage usually associated with it, knowing that I can be my own best spiritual authority if I want to, and that if I can do it, anyone can.

This last bit brings up the issue of what my intentions are, something that requires a mental discipline all its own. This means I have to constantly check my ego against/alongside my karmic purpose of paying it forward, which is pretty much a function of Saturn moving through my sixth house and over my Pluto a few years ago – Oy! – meaning that I’ve learned how to go with the Universal flow instead of working against it, something I picked up on years ago by reading the Tao Te Ching for instance. There are many, many other exalted masters who have written and taught about similar topics, which requires another level of mental discipline of reading all you can on whatever interests you. Keep following their leads – never settle – never give up.

I hope that made sense! Peace, Phil

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Phil! I’m trying to come to terms with my own “psychicness” as opposed to my very rational, intellectual day job.

    I love your quote “I think that being psychic is where the spiritual (unseen) meets the mind and vice versa, with an innate sense that neither one of these unseen worlds is untrustworthy.” That really resonates with me, as to what coming to terms with being psychic is. The more I explore, the more I think a level of life experience is necessary to be a successful psychic, so that one knows what one is all about, and can keep ego in check.

    Thanks again! I love reading your stuff and the other writings in the newsletter!


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