I’m so pleased to formally introduce some additions to our Global Psychics team: Carmen is back, and Sherri and E’lan each add some unique services for you to check out.  They are all available for phone and email readings… Please join me in welcoming them! Order a reading so you can get to know these gifted psychics.

Some of you will remember Carmen who worked with us a few years ago, a gifted psychic with a unique approach to this work, developed through her experience with clients around the world. A skilled Empath, all she needs is a name – but she also likes to embellish her readings with her cards. Personable, humorous and dedicated, she is great at reassuring you, grounding you, and allowing you to make your own decisions to help empower you. Get a Reading, ask for Carmen.

Many of you have already had a reading from Sherri, a specialist with Akashic Records Readings and Clearings. She often works with the past, in this life, past lives and your ancestry to reveal and release what’s not serving you now, and allow you to call in what you desire.  In addition to the Akashic Records readings, Sherri offers a Life Situation reading which helps you to understand and clear the blocks that manifest as repeated negative patterns, and Sherri can also do a Past Life Regression with you which will help you to see what old programs are still running in you.

E’lan joins us as an  Astrologer, Psychic, Empath and Spirit Guide. She reads and feels you through your voice and your Birth Chart, which is a unique map of potentiality meant just for you; for what you came into this life to experience, develop, and grow into on all sorts of different levels. She uses Astrology to answer your questions about your  life and relationships and to forecast what you can expect next.

We’re Also Announcing:

A New Reading Submission Form: We corrected the problem of the wrong form coming up. The fix embeds the form in the order so you won’t miss it again… Once you choose a reading you simply fill in the form and answer the questions until are offered to add the reading you requested to your cart and check out.

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