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We Must Teach Them to Use Their Gifts Wisely

In the days since we first began publishing stories of psychic kids, we’ve received some truly remarkable stories from young psychics and their families.  Whether we call these kids indigo, rainbow, crystal or children of the blue ray, they are all gifted and having a shocking effect on us. It soon became obvious that young and old alike are looking for the same thing – affirmation, advice and direction.

We’re born psychic and children are especially open to seeing and hearing the subtle signals and energetic patterns that emanate from other dimensions.  Sadly, we’re conditioned, fearfully taught to ignore spirits and psychic messages, so that as kids are increasingly socialized, they quietly shut down their innate psychic senses.   By the time they’re in their early teens, it’s too scary to deal with any kind of paranormal phenomena, life itself poses enough challenge… So, it’s often not until folks are in their twenties that they begin to actively explore their psychic abilities… at least that’s the way it’s been through most of the last many centuries…  something seems to be shifting now.

Now, almost daily, we’re receiving letters about or from psychic children.

While it’s easy to get excited about the possibility that our genetic structure is changing and our progeny will be even brighter and more prosperous than we might have imagined, there are some serious ramifications – if this is true…. and even if it isn’t, our psychic children deserve the opportunity to grow up naturally, and to discover their abilities at their own pace, with loving guidance.  This same philosophy applies to raising any gifted child, no matter what the gift.

The Global Psychics team shares a strong bond in our interest in family and family values.

Hi Guys!! My boy has been living with his gift since I can remember. It started when I was not even pregnant yet. I KNEW I was going to get pregnant even though it wasn’t planned. I kept dreaming it. 3 or 4 months later I was pregnant… then his name kept being told to me. I can’t exactly tell you how but I just knew… over and over his name was told to me. I fought with the name  because it means soo much to my family. It is the name of an ancestor who passed away at a young age. I didn’t exactly want to put this responsibility onto my son… but I knew I had to listen to what I knew to be his name so I did. His name is Hamuera.

He is 5 years old now soon to be 6. He has always had friends we can’t see. A couple of months ago while getting out of the bath he explained to us what will happen when he dies and for us not to be sad for him… he will be o.k. He explained the white light and his nannys coming to meet him to take him to where he needs to go. And then he mentioned after being there for a while he will probably come back again as a baby… but not MY baby. I asked him to please tell me that he was NOT going anywhere anytime soon and he told my husband and I… oh no you will go before I do, hehe.

He stayed home from school yesterday because he says that the noise in class is too loud for him. He plays with his “friends” all the time. I asked him who it is and he said there is a girl and boy. They are 7. I asked if he could see them and he said that when he passes away he will be able to, then he said that he can see all of their body except their legs. He was playing with the boy but the girl was at home coz it was morning where they are from??? I asked  if he knew their names and he had had enough. He didn’t want to talk anymore.

He is getting better at talking about it with me but… I wish we both had someone to talk to. One night at the dinner table my daughter told me that Hamuera had told her that he was God’s son (we don’t make statements like that) Hamuera told  us all “Yes I am his son… I miss God”. The other kids just sat their like us, a bit confused. I dont actually know what my question is… but I need to share some of this stuff with someone! The amount of stuff he is sharing with me is accelerating, it is everyday at the moment. I have started a journal… 3 days ago. Should I write down the stuff he has said and done that I can’t get out of my head from the past?What should I do for him????? That is my biggest question. And my biggest fear is that he will need medication or be diagnosed with something. Help. Thank you!! Kim

Your son, Hamuera, obviously is a very gifted child.  There are many children like him who are now incarnating.  Some of these children have incredible cognition of where they have been in other lives and also can see into the future.  The statement about being God’s son is classic.  We are all God’s children.  Hamuera instinctively knows this.  By all means write down everything that he says on metaphysical issues.  Keep him away from organized religion and psychologists.  Protect him from any medications that would dull his senses.  Turn his focus toward Nature.  You live in Queensland, and I know there is lots of Nature there!  I lived in Brisbane once upon a time.  Allow Nature to be his house of worship.  He will commune with the spirits of Mother Earth.  Also introduce him to the Aborigine culture.  The Aborigines know much sacred knowledge.  You are very fortunate to be the mother of such a special child.  Keep us posted on Hamuera’s progress.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

I believe that I have been psychic or, magically blessed since I was nine. I am now thirteen. I have had dreams about disasters that came true. and I can also move the wind, and also control weather, I have prophetic dreams, and have met one of my friends, INSIDE MY MIND. I think I got some of these powers from my dad. He has more prophetic dreams than I do, but I can also communicate with my cat very fluently, how did I get these powers, and how in the heck do I use them wisely, and rationally. May I also mention that I have seen a ghost before too, it was creepy.

How wonderful that you ask how to use these ‘powers’ wisely.  That in and of itself is very wise and commendable.

Your ability to communicate with your cat probably means you can communicate with other animals as well.  That is a ‘power’ you can use to understand the needs of such creatures in nature and help mankind attain a higher consciousness about these things.  The more we are connected to all living things, the more we will be at peace here, within ourselves and in the universe.

More than likely your gifts, as I call them, came from your father.  But there are a multitude of young people today–known as Indigo or Crystal Children (among other names)–who are here to help us raise our consciousness.  (Your father may be a forerunner.  But these things tend to run in families.  I get mine from both sides.)

The way to work with them is to find a way to live in a state of receptivity and trust…to become a conduit for the larger good and use them whenever you see fit.  It could be to help someone understand their own ‘stuff’ or to create a more peaceful environment–or any number of scenarios.  If you are open and trusting, you will ‘know’ when and how.

I’m not particularly fond of sharing about a book I haven’t read myself, but I have a feeling this book I saw in the teen section of my library might help.  It’s called Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers by Julie Tallard Johnson.  It has questions and other things to help you understand what’s going on and how to work with these ‘powers.’  There is also a TON of stuff on the Global Psychic site–700+ pages.  Peruse that and see what you can discover.  “Study to show yourself approved…” and learn all you can.  The more you know, the more control you have over these things and then the more peace you will have in yourself.

Enjoy your adventure in this lifetime! LoLove, Teresa

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  1. Hi, I feel like I am a crystal child and I have many characteristics of the. Any test I took said that I was. I tried to figure out our for sure and I found nothing. Can you help me find out the truth?

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