Opening the psychic channels is easy compared to the effort that is ultimately required to keep the channels open, and even more importantly – to keep the channels clear. Meditation and prayer are certainly two of the most significant keys in  managing psychic energy, but perhaps even more relevant to a psychic’s ability is an attitude of respect, respect for the work, as well as for the tools of the trade.

Most psychics will prefer that you not touch their cards, for example, except perhaps to draw cards or to cut them. We will not leave a reading open…  Because we respect the energy that is activated with the Tarot. If we must leave a reading for a time, we will typically cover the cards until we can get back to them. Over time, the tools we work with psychically acquire their own energy. Therefore Tarot cards, pendulums and other divining tools are usually wrapped in special cloths and kept in special places.

Respect comes from understanding the nature of the tools and the energy that we work with…. and since I have witnessed their power time and again, perhaps respect comes from experience. It is through experience and testing that I recognized each tool attracts its own energy… the runes and the I Ching for example, are very different in feeling tone and offer a different perspective than the Tarot – yet all three will come up with similar, often related answers to the same question.

I experienced also that some Tarot decks and divining tools can work at much lower vibrational frequencies. For example, the Ouija Board attracts a great deal of lower astral energy and can wreak havoc if not carefully managed. I was shocked therefore, the first time I saw a Ouija Board on the shelf with toys and games in the kids’ section of a local department store.

We have written a number of articles over the years about ouija boards, (search ouija boards on our site) but this next story is probably the best example of how talent and inexperience can make life very scary for budding psychics.

I was hoping I would get some help here as to what is going on… Ok, awhile back, my friends and I got together at my house to have a little fun with my brand new Ouija Board. The session started out fine, and we came across a spirit supposedly named “Evan”. He appeared really enraged and we asked him if we should go, but he forbade us from leaving. We asked him if we could help him and if he could tell us what was wrong, and he said he was mad, of course. We asked him who he was mad at, and he spelled out “A”. So we asked him if he was mad at Amanda, and the pointer immediately went to yes. Evan wouldn’t tell us why he was mad at her, he just said it was HER and not anyone else. He asked Skylar, myself, and Kaylee to remove our hands from the board because he wanted to talk to Amanda. He began threatening us and saying, “You All Need to Die” and such. Finally, after a long time of begging, he let us go. My friend Amanda called me in a panic as she was walking back to her house at 11 pm with Kaylee saying that there was someone following them. Of course, it was creepy and we didn’t know what to do.

Later, my friend, Amanda, called me in a panic and told me that she saw a dark shadow go by her room when she was the only one home. I mean, at first, we both thought it was just a figment of her imagination, but then the next day at school, she told me that when she walked into her room, she saw a little boy(about 9 or 10) with black hair and pure black eyes with the faintest blue skin sitting next to her bed by a chair that had her Ouija Board in it. We didn’t know what was going on… She told me that she’s tried to talk to him and he’s answered her, telling her his name was Eric. They had talked a lot since.

Soon, Amanda invited myself and Skylar over to her house because we wanted to just hang out. Before long, we started to all get this weird feeling that someone was watching us… And we walked downstairs then came back up. Right on the wall, there was a sticker that said “X4” on it and we had no idea what it meant because it wasn’t there before and we were the only ones home besides her dad, he was outside. Then when we were downstairs again, Skylar and I heard someone sigh angrily, “Ughhhhh” and it was whispered in an angry male voice and her dad was still outside. We were freaked out, and so we ran back upstairs. Amanda suddenly got a really sharp pain in her side and when she looked down at her stomach, there was a long burnt mark/scratch shaped like “/”.  Later, Skylar got the same thing, except in an opposite direction. I, being the brains, put it together and noticed that the stickers meant something… The scratches, when put together, formed an “X”. We were all beginning to get really scared, wondering what the “4” meant. I convinced Amanda to try to contact Eric and ask him what was going on, and he told her that it was his father… Evan. He hated Amanda and wanted her out of “his” house…. Evan wouldn’t let me see him, but he let Skylar see him. Amanda asked him later on and he said he thought Skylar was me…. But anyways, we came up with the idea to try to talk to Evan and find out what he wanted, so instead of using the Board, we closed off the stairwell and set Amanda’s cellphone to record. We asked the spirit questions, and when we got the recording back, we heard in a deep man’s voice that sounded like it was underwater and choppy, “X4, X4, X4, X4… Get out…. [some random stomping]… Get back here… [in a little boy voice] Hurry.” And then the phone turned off. We were so scared and didn’t know what to do, so we called my mom and asked her to pick us up immediately. Later, we found out what the 4 meant… We stayed at Amanda’s house for 4 hours before we knew we had to leave….

Amanda hasn’t heard much from Evan or Eric since, but I was wondering, what happened? Did we cause something to happen by communicating through the Board? Or our imagination? Michelle

Thank you for your question, I want to start by saying yes, what you have done is opened the door to the spirit world through the board. This is not a game, it does work and you do invite spirits into your home by using this tool. Thnk of it this way, Open the door to the front of your house, put out an All are Welcome sign. That’s what has happened. Now you must throw the board out and then say a prayer in each and every room of the house. Something simple as the Lords Prayer would work wonderfully. Make sure the board is tossed out. Blessings, Jody

Jody makes a very good point – the trouble is that it is usually the lower frequencies, the troubled souls who decide they want to respond to the All are Welcome sign, they want a chance to play and kind of feed off the energy they can trigger in those who invite them in…… since young people are naturally frightened of the unknown and will attract a lot of dark energy through their fear, spirits like this Evan will come through to take advantage of the opportunity to make trouble.

Ouija Boards are not toys… like every other psychic tool, our approach must be respectful in order to get useful insights and stay with the light.

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