By Brandi Jasmine

I tend to avoid channeling frankly, because I am concerned that opening myself up is in fact dangerous. There are few people who can manage it and remain unaffected by negative entities. My opinion is that if it doesn’t come naturally, I wouldn’t pursue it. My first question would be “Why am I drawn to this method?” … Whatever the answer is, have a deep look at that. Then whatever the answer is … (“I want to become famous, I want to help others, I want to know the future” …) whatever it is, ask “Why is it that I want that?”. Keep drilling down on it. Your guides may be holding you back until you get to the bottom of what’s really driving you. If you are not clear on yourself, you can’t be clear for others.

I do think many people are too eager to open the doors to anything that may want to chat. This is why channelling and Ouija have such scary reputations. Channelling isn’t like Twitter. There isn’t an instant “block” feature. Once you open up, you have to be constantly on the lookout for “pretenders”. They can be negative, nasty or merely misguided … but they can cause a lot of damage. If you do practice channeling, set aside a sacred space for it. Don’t do it in your bedroom, living room or the kitchen table. You absolutely must have a private, separate space for it. Open with a protective circle, affirm that you will allow only those entities who are of the light and have the highest good of all concerned at their hearts. Pray for protection and clarity. Record your sessions.

If you are determined to go forward, I would recommend …

Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide by Sanaya Roman
The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession by Edith Fiore, The Power of Now and A New Earth by Ekhardt Tolle (ego work)

Of all the books I have read that are “pro” channelling, Roman’s is the most down to earth. Fiore thinks sensitives should avoid psychic practice altogether. She may have a point but I’m somewhere in the middle. Tolle isn’t addressing channeling at all, but I think you have to be grounded, fearless and as egoless as is possible in order to be a clear channel. “Ego” can be a loaded term. Ego in this context isn’t necessarily about self-aggrandizement. As long as we get ourselves attached to outcomes, attached to our belief systems, they will strengthen the ego and it strengthens them. One clue it is active is if reading it here brings up an emotional reaction ;-)

Aside from that, I would advise you to continue to practice grounding, white light etc, doing daily meditations. Journal all your experiences. I think the key to being an effective psychic or channel is written above the Oracle at Delphi. “Know Thyself”. Books like Tolle’s and classes like Tony Robbins, Ross Quinn, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra etc, all have different pieces of that puzzle. I truly believe this is the most important part of our studies, even though none of these people is teaching “channeling” and only Myss is teaching anything mystical.

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  1. I personally believe that many people have fear of success or disappointment and hence will not be decided in that channel, people must decide on which channel stay and never is late to choose. Nice article keep goin, thanks for sharing.

  2. There are only some groups who can handle it as well as wait impassive by unhelpful entity. My judgment is with the purpose of condition it doesn’t approach obviously I wouldn’t chase it.

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