By Heather Zais

If thoughts don’t turn to love around Valentine’s Day, there are some simple things to do to help it along.

Incorporate positive thinking with the principles of proper placement, called Feng Shui.

Looking for a Man:

Make the left side of your home interior (as you face the front) as eye-catching as possible. It is referred to as the dragon side of the place.  Highlighting this send will send a subliminal message that would attract me.  It need not cost all that much.  Make use of flowers, colour, (red is good), paintings or anything bright and cheerful that would make one thing positivel about love or romance.

Pictures, lamps,or statuary with images of lovers would be good.

Looking for a Woman:

Use the same formula on the right side of the home as you are facing the front.

There is anoter procedure that worls very well.  I call it the moon formula.

On the new moon or within two weeks following you make a list of the “type” of lover or mate that you are looking for.

Focus on personality, lifestyle and character type.  Be realistic.

Don’t get too hung up on looks, go for the essence of the person, the basic nature an inner soul if you want the relationship to last. Read the list over once a day for 10 days in a row, then put the list aside in your bedrrom drawer and look at once a week.
The person closes to that list will be drawn to you, usually within weeks or months of doing the list.  Be careful what you ask for.  If it does not occur within that time then you are not being realistic about what suits you and your lifestyle and the list will need revision.  Start again on the next new moon.

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  1. I love feng shui and applying it. I have recently been open to finding love again and have done as you specified above in the left part of my living room as you come in the front door. In fact, my lamp is an antique and it has a beautiful painting of two French lovers of the Napoleon era sitting under a tree together! Plus, a crystal green dragon, some roses and a vase that matches the lamp. Good tips. Hope you had a Love filled Valentines day too.


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