The last few weeks have been hellish, not only have I been feeling quite unwell, but I have been dealing with one technical issue after another. It all reached a crescendo of chaos early last week when our shopping cart completely broke down and we were not able to get the PayPal system working properly. If it all wasn't so serious, it would have been fodder for a great comedy… with all the stress, I was making mistake after mistake, getting myself more and more confused…. which of course made matters worse… in the midst of this, our office phones were disconnected and I got a notice that the hydro could be disconnected by the end of this week… with all the problems, we have not seen much revenue for the past few weeks.

By Friday, I was ready to throw in the towel, all I wanted to do was cry… it came to me then that whatever was going on was bigger than me, there had to be some blockage in the energy somewhere… then I remembered that we had been in a Mercury Retrograde all month… and unlike most mercury retrogrades, this one isn't so good for the "re" work that we usually recommend…. be advised, if you can possibly avoid any repairs until the end of the month, you would be wise to hold off… otherwise, you could end up feeling pretty frustrated….

On the Upside, if you stay with it and force yourself to remain calm, you will get the job done.  After many conversations and support calls to our host, a brilliant young man figured out what needed to be done to fix the shopping cart, got it back up again… and today a specialist from PayPal was able to guide me through the final fixes needed to get the connections with them working properly. I will sleep much better tonight.

Although all is working well for now, the fix was temporary.  I really need your help to recover the lost revenue and keep the light on as well as to raise the funds for a software upgrade ASAP.  Please order a reading, a subscription or make a donation as soon as you can. Thanks. And if you have any problem with the system, please email me at

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