on becoming an objective observer – working with your mind's eye

The Third Eye and the pineal gland are one and the same… Located at the geometric center of the brain… between and behind the brow, the Third Eye, or pineal gland is said to have mystical powers, to connect us with our Source and to our supernatural powers..it is known as the seat of the human soul.

The Third Eye, our mind's eye, is the source of objective reasoning. When we observe the world through our third eye we are able to stand back from our feelings and take off the rose-colored glasses so we can see truly..

Opening your Third Eye, activating the pineal gland, expands your vision. The Third Eye sees what our physical eyes cannot – or will not.. While opening one's third eye may be essential for anyone who wishes to work in the spiritual or psychic realms, it is very useful for anyone who wants to make better decisions in life…

So how do you activate your Third Eye and your psychic abilities?

It's all about focus… learning to shift and expand one's focus…. from doing… to seeing, feeling, listening, being… this requires that we stand back from ourselves and our worlds for a moment, to go within. Shifting focus is a simple matter of placing your attention somewhere else, like setting the dial to a different station on the radio… in this case, to your Third Eye.

Here are some suggestions to help you shift focus to open and work with your Third Eye:

  • The pineal gland – our third eye – is activated by light, so one of the first things you can do is get out and take in some sunshine (also good for energy levels and inspiration). You can also visualize a big gold sun over your head and then see this light beaming right down into your Third Eye…. and then down through your spine through your feet and into the ground… this helps you "charge" and also grounds your energy.
  • You can visualize your Third Eye opening, slowly and gently – then notice what you see from your newly opened eye.
  • The Third Eye is associated with the colour Indigo, so visualize an indigo room at the center of your brain, between and behind your brow… then visualize yourself entering the room and making yourself comfortable there… notice everything that comes to you as you sit there, including what is in the room with you – or who… after taking time to accustom yourself to the space, ask if there is a message for you in this room, and then look around, notice every little detail… From this space you can look at yourself, scan your body, and as you do, notice what comes to mind, how you feel, where you are comfortable and where you are not…, or scan your business, your home, your family or your friends… you will probably be quite surprised at the insights that come to you from this place…. go back often…

Through your Third Eye, you can see with your eyes closed! Shifting focus to your Third Eye is about allowing a new awareness, a new openness in your vision…. with practice, we can shift our awareness or consciousness to any part of our body – or any place on the planet or in the universe… using your third eye to identify issues and highlight insights on what you can do about them.

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