on becoming an objective observer – working with your mind’s eye

Did you know that you have a third eye? And that through it, you can see with your eyes closed? It’s true.

Metaphysically speaking, the Third Eye is associated with the pineal gland at the geometric center of the brain… between and behind the brow… Eighteenth century French scientist and philosopher Rene Descartes speaks of the pineal gland as the chief interpreter of vision and mentions it as the seat of the human soul. The Third Eye, or pineal gland is said to have mystical powers, to connect us with our Source and to our supernatural powers.. Through your Third Eye, your mind’s eye, you can see with your eyes closed!

Sadly, the power of our Third Eye is still something of an ancient secret… We are so focused on our physical lives, and perhaps also so deeply conditioned in our fears of the unknown, of the mystical, so disconnected from our spiritual selves, that our pineal glands are inactive. Our Third Eye is essentially blind. Yet, it is the source of objective reasoning, that place from which we can see the subtle signals which, once noticed, can help us make much better decisions in life.

Science has now proven that the pineal gland is responsible for navigation in many animals. Opening your Third Eye, activating the pineal gland, expands your vision in addition to connecting you with your soul. The Third Eye sees what our physical eyes cannot… often because we are too tightly focused on what’s in front of us.

My Mom, even at 80, is known as a doer. So much so, that we still remind guests at her dinner table to hold onto their plates. She is utterly focused on doing her job which means that her vision is blind to every other detail but a plate that should be cleared… she doesn’t notice that we’re enjoying the conversation and the company as much as the meal and that we’ve finished with neither. As soon as we remind her to relax, sit down and join us, she connects with her Third Eye. Standing back from herself, she is able to take a more objective view of the whole space…and thus she expands her vision to see that she’s really done a fine job of caring for her family, and the time has come to enjoy her labours with us…

I recall a lifesaving Third Eye connection when I suddenly found myself in extremely dangerous conditions on the highway. I called to my guides and angels for help and immediately felt my Third Eye open to take in a vision of the many accidents ahead… in the nick of time, I managed to pull off the highway, just missing the accident that would have killed both me and my son… and as I was pulling onto the exit ramp, I could see over the hill the very scene that had been in my mind’s eye minutes earlier. But I was out of it, arrived home safely, thanks to the vision of my Third Eye.

This excerpt from the Crystal Links site provide some useful insight on the pineal gland and it’s role as the Third Eye.

The pineal gland is occasionally associated with the sixth chakra (also called Ajna or the third eye chakra in yoga). It is believed by some to be a dormant organ that can be awakened to enable “telepathic” communication.

While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. Development of psychic talents has been closely associated with this organ of higher vision.

Activating Your Third Eye …

Now you know that your Third Eye actually exists as a physical entity, how do you start using it to activate your psychic abilities? Once you set the intention to open your third eye, to be more observant, you will probably notice the universe conspiring to help you along…creating opportunities for you to benefit from your keen sight.

It’s all about focus… learning to shift and expand one’s focus…. from doing… to seeing, feeling, listening, being… this requires that we stand back from ourselves and our worlds for a moment, to go within.  Shifting focus is really very easy… It is a simple matter of placing your attention somewhere else, like setting the dial to a different station on the radio… in this case, at your Third Eye. And since the Third Eye is the source of objectivity, once we make the connection there, it becomes much easier to stand back from ourselves to observe what is really going on in and around us…

Here are some suggestions to help you shift focus and open your Third Eye:

The pineal gland – our third eye is activated by light, so one of the first things you can do is get out and take in some sunshine (also good for energy levels and inspiration). A good exercise is to visualize a big gold sun over your head and then see this light beaming right down into your Third Eye…. and then down through your spine through your feet and into the ground… this helps you “charge” and also ground your energy.

You can also visalize your Third Eye opening, slowly and gently – then notice what you see from your newly opened eye.

The Third eye is associated with the colour Indigo, so you can work with this colour in meditation to connect with your third eye. Try this simple exercise:

Visualuze an indigo room at the center of your brain, between and behind your brow… then visualize yourself entering the room and making yourself comfortable there… notice everything that comes to you as you sit there, including what is in the room with you – or who… after taking time to accustom yourself to the space, ask if there is a message for you in this room, and then look around, notice every little detail… From this space you can look at yourself, scan your body, and as you do, notice what comes to mind, how you feel, where you are comfortable and where you are not…, or scan your business, your home, your family or your friends… you will probably be quite surprised at the insights that come to you from this place…. go back often…

How observant are you? The answer to this question is a measure of how psychic you really are. There are a number of different techniques for developing your third eye and your observation skills… Two systems that I use are the chakra system and a model from my work on the Art of Noticing. Each of these systems provides points of reference from which you can shift focus, using your third eye to identify issues and highlight insights on what you can do about them. try googling “The Third Eye”. for some other useful resources.

Your Third Eye is NOT blind – it just needs to be activated and focused. You can be more observant, more psychic – and more effective. Take good care of your eyes – all three of them!

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  1. Are you sure everyone has this capability? do most people accomplish opening their third eye the first time they try?

    Yes, our psychic ability is a birthright, connected with our fear mechanisms, a protection against danger… it is in all of us… but for some it is very well buried. No, not everyone is able to open their third eye the first time… it does take some focus and practice, but it isn’t so hard either… once you’ve opened it, it is usually easier to open it again, and keep it at least slightly open. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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