Introducing a series of articles on applying the universal principles to psychic work

Psychic ability is a birthright… encoded in our genetic structure. For some, psychic ability comes easily, naturally, but for all except the rare few old souls who consciously bring forward ancient knowledge and skills, there is work to be done before we can really make good use of our abilities. What is interesting to me is that this work is more about remembering than it is about acquiring new knowledge… let me tell you a little of my journey by way of explanation.

My training began many years ago. When I lived in Edmonton in the 70’s I met a lovely woman named Ruth East who was quite determined to become my teacher. Ruth had studied theology and philosophy in great depth by the time I met her, but her strength was in understanding how to work with the Tarot. Over the next 9 years, she taught me how to develop my own relationship with the Tarot and a whole lot more… she offered a strong spiritual base for my metaphysical studies that opened me up to whole new worlds….

As luck would have it, for the second phase of my training, I was transferred to Boston in the early 80’s where for awhile, my business career took all of my attention… until my guides decided it was time to get back on the path. Then I met a brilliant woman who shared my interest in metaphysics and introduced me to the Seth Material by Jane Roberts… The Nature of Personal Reality was a life-changing read… this book marked the beginning of my serious training…. it was almost as if I could hear my guides clapping as I read….At this point I was able to make a direct connect with my guides, the Dust Bunnies, led by Isaiah who first manifested as a gorgeous Native American Indian Chief. One of Isaiah’s first (and oft-repeated) messages was that his job was to help me remember who I really am and to access all that I know.

It is through Isaiah and the Dust Bunnies that I was introduced to the Universal Principles that guide all of creation on this planet. One of the first principles that I was taught was “As above, so below.” My outer world is a manifestation of my inner world… if I looked in the mirror of my outer world, I could see reflected back at me, my inner turmoil… and what I needed to change to attract more of what I wanted.

What I learned from my guides felt right, and the more I learned and worked with the principles they shared with me, the more insight and understanding seemed to arise from within me. I felt like I had tapped into my Source… it all rang true…

Moving to Toronto in the late 80’s marked the third phase in my training… my guides backed off a little then, with the message that there had been something of a changing of the guard around me… a new group dubbed Elias would now be working with me to apply the spiritual principles that I had been learning… this was a time to focus on healing my inner self, realigning my life and work to fit with the shift in beliefs and new directions that were establishing themselves in my life.

The boundaries blur between the third and any subsequent phases in my training… somewhere along the line, I transitioned from student to teacher and advisor, passing on what I have learned along the way as Ruth had with me many years ago… still, I will probably be a student, learning and working on healing mySelf until I take my last breath…

So what am I on about here? What are these Universal Principles and what do they have to do with developing psychic ability? This article marks the beginning of a series that describes the Cosmic Laws or “first cause principles” like “as above, so below” and how they apply to our personal lives as well as to working with your psychic abilities. Stay tuned. The next article will talk about the fundamental truths that function as a foundation for the Cosmic Laws.

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