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I have really no idea why I was urged to make this today, but I did. I created a page in this blog dedicated to my “first psychic prediction” – the story of the tornadoes that hit when I was 11 (in 1985). I figured I would share it with you as it is in fact briefly mentioned in my bio about it. I’m assuming I made this because of all the crazy weather as of late – especially the tornadoes seen last week in the US … and my predictions from last year about countless volcanic eruptions for this year that are actually so far coming true. But am wondering if there is something more to it than this. I guess we’ll find out eventually if that is the case.

Excerpt from Expert Psychic Lisa Caza‘s bio:

Even though her family was full of skeptics … she was determined to not let them sway her. It was not until one day, when she was 11 years old, that she “foretold” to her now-late grandmother that there would be a tornado in their area that day, that her family then realized her wonderful talent. As it turned out … unfortunately for many unwary folk … there were in fact THREE tornadoes that touched down that evening – all within the same vicinity. Bringing much destruction and devastation to the areas, that day will not soon be forgotten … especially by young Lisa.

Three tornadoes … all in one day and all within the same time frame … hitting the areas of Orangeville, Barrie, Grand Valley and Tottenham on May 31, 1985. And two out of the three tornadoes were classified as F4 tornadoes – with the third being an F3. The estimated damage just within the city of Barrie alone was well over $100 million dollars. There were 12 deaths …

Lisa was at her cousin’s dairy farm just outside of Orangeville; preparing to have a family supper. Prior to her arrival at her cousin’s , as mentioned in her bio Lisa was VERY determined to express to her grandmother her grave concern that they were going to experience a tornado that day. But of course her grandmother wouldn’t listen; and why would she? The day was a beautiful, warm, sunny normal May day. There was absolutely no cause to worry about any kind of storm let alone a tornado.

However, just as they were about to sit down for their family supper – approximately 4:30-5pm that day, the tornado hit. Lisa and her family had just enough time to gather underneath a huge dining table. It was all over in a matter of seconds … and Lisa describes it as like having a freight train run through your home at top speed. When they came out of the rubble, they saw the devastation just at the farm: only that 1 corner of the house was left standing (the same corner they were huddled within). All the beautiful 100 year old trees that lined the driveway were down. Her cousin’s school bus was picked up and taken about 4 whole farmer’s fields away. Injured and dead cattle all over the place. And both barns completely demolished.

Such horrible devastation – which became even more evident as Lisa and her grandmother made their way back home through the towns a few hours later.

However, after all of this, and approximately 27 years later, Lisa has come to the amazing realization that she had made this strong psychic prediction at such an early age BECAUSE: apparently that day alone there was a major tornado outbreak not just in her area but also in the United States … and OTHER areas of Ontario – and it is considered that the tornadoes were the most powerful in all of Canada’s history. And all occurred, even all of the tornadoes in the US, within the same time frame as the three tornadoes that hit Ontario. It is no wonder then that young Lisa felt such a strong premonition … and with such force. In Ontario alone there were actually 13 tornadoes that touched down!!! *see this evidence in the table shown by Wikipedia below:

Ontario, Canada

Some of the more notable tornadoes that day struck near Barrie, Ontario, about an hour north of Toronto. Killing 12 and injuring 281, the pair of F4’s were some of the most powerful in Canada’s history. 8 of the deaths occurred in the city of Barrie alone. Another tornado to the south had tracked 65 miles (105 km) from near Arthur to just north of Newmarket. It was first deadly tornado outbreak to hit Ontario since the Windsor Tornado during the Super Outbreak of April 3, 1974 which killed 8 people.

The storm produced a total of 13 tornadoes across southern Ontario, one of the largest number of tornadoes recorded ever in the province in a single day.

Tornado table: Total Tornadoes for US & Canada combined: 43. May 31, 1985

43 4 11 7 12 8 1

To this very day Lisa holds very strong emotions about that day in May (which is now known as “Black Friday” to most tornado survivors) – not just because she had made such a strong psychic prediction and at such an early age, but also because she was there – in the midst of it all. Admittedly and quite unfortunately, to this very day Lisa has an insane fear of tornadoes … and rightly so!

Wikipedia documentation of all these facts:

1985 United States – Canadian tornado outbreak

1985 Barrie tornado outbreak

Lisa has found a few videos on Youtube documenting that day’s events. We have posted them below – to show just how devastating this event truly was. And for the record, Ontario has never seen anything like this since.

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