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The Tipping Point

Something for you to think about…. I shared the experience described following with the Global Psychics team. When Phil responded with a thoughtful note, I thought it might ring a bell for many of you.

In meditation recently, I heard the words “the Mother is Taking Her Place” and with this came a vision of the Mother moving into an equal position with The Father, the Son, and the Creator/Body… I saw Them stand as if in the four corners of the universe, equidistant from each other, yet joined, united, each strong in their own power, and gaining strength as a Unity….  moving upwards, as if the Mother taking her place signified a new cycle of evolution for Them, and of course the entire universe. I got the distinct sense that this vision indicated a kind of balancing that is occuring on the planet right now.

Hi there, Phil the astrologer here.

I’ve been hearing the same sort of comment as yours for quite some time now, so I’d like to cut-and-paste a recent response to a similar observation. It involves the Bible, the predominant religious text of our culture, and how it was originally translated into English. I hope it helps.

“When it comes to translating the exact ancient texts, perhaps the worst offense was committed by failing to recognize, either on purpose or by mistake, the meaning of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost written in the original Syriac language. Syriac was gender-dependent like French and Spanish are today, and the Holy Ghost was actually a feminine term. So basically, the Holy Trinity should have been known as The Father, Mother and Son, but then we have to wonder if this mistranslation was intentional or not. I mean, why would they omit the Divine Feminine from the Bible? I have a major problem with that, and so does every female in every male-dominant societies, just ask any woman who lived under the oppression of the Taliban.”

So basically, I’m thinking that you and a lot of other people have been tapping into some ancient wisdom, stuff that’s been intentionally obscured for perhaps the past two and three thousand years. This is the approximate time-frame as the Age of Pisces which we are currently moving out of and into the Age of Aquarius, which may or may not be tying into whatever awaits us in 2012.

I, and many other like-minded folks, like to refer to this shifting energetic as the return of the Universal Divine Feminine (UDF), a Consciousness of love, harmony, justice, selflessness and balance in search of a much needed comeback. I’m convinced that the return of the UDF is the correct side of history, and that we are indeed living during this crucial tipping-point.

Cheers to expect blessings on our journey,


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