Spirituality comes naturally to us… we are each drawn to look deeper, to seek answers, to explore the unknown, to delve into the great mystery of life. I believe that we have within us a knowing of our Oneness, a sense that somewhere there is a Source of all, a meaning and purpose to all. Some of us express this desire for meaning through their religious beliefs, for some those religious beliefs lead to even deeper questioning. But it takes a brave soul, perhaps an old soul, to be willing to anchor their lives with spiritual values.
Yet, when life seems bleak, the spiritual instinct can carry us through the difficult times. When we seek meaning, and lessons, growth and insight from our setbacks, we are connected with our authentic selves, our souls… It is the spiritual instinct that leads us to turn lemons into lemonade, to turn breakdown into breakthrough.
  1. Our spiritual instinct can become the weapon against the challenges in life. Here’s how to listen to your Instinct

  2. Hi, I am so happy to have found these beautiful blogs.
    I so totally feel the love that inspired this one, and its deep, profound truths. I do believe we are all following the River and that the roadblocks are there and we must learn to flow around them, to deal with them, however best we can, and that life itself, is a learning experience that is entirely about soul. A river runs through it.

    When you pause to reflect, as reflection itself it a mirror, then learn to love yourself and your story, and know that even the hard parts, the bitter parts, the questioning parts, are meant to be, and not meanly, but for you, and that one day, it will all resolve, make a deeper and deepening sense. You are the hero or heroine of your own, amazing stories!

    This story is ultimately and entirely about LOVE.

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