excerpted from the book Soulshaping by Jeff Brown

“Our prior exeriences forge our soul-shape in their own image. Each lifetime presents opportunties to expand it further. Like a lake against the rocks. the shape is shifted through repeated action, carved in soulstone by the act of becoming that which we have been called to be.

I set my eyes on the bigger picture: the real learning channel. When we are ready to stop turning a blind eye to the meaning of our experiences, we tune into the learning channel as a way of being.  Through this lens, expectations are meaningless. soul gifts come in unexpected packaging. Seeming failures can be welcome events – sometimes the ego suffers while the soul rejoices. We are knocked to the ground on the earth plane, but tripped up spiritually. The ladder to heaven is made from broken rungs.

One lifetime after another, the soul chooses its circumstances and obstacles. It chooses the nasties. It chooses the body that will best bring the lessons home. It is all essential ground to cover before we can inhabit our innate image.  Without challenges, there would be no dross to convert into gold, no grist for the soul mill.

If the soul honors its path in a lifetime, it moves onto the next stage. The school of hard knocks is an ongoing university of higher learning. At some point the soul may learn all of its lessons and graduate. With no more work to be done, it rests in the heart of Essence forever.

  1. I love this perspective and the quality of the writing. There are so many detachment people like Tolle out there now. Its nice to know someone out there doesn’t see detaching as the path, but finds God in our personal experiences and our emotional life.

  2. This perspective helps give me confidence that there IS a reason behind each of our many trials in life….

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

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