I am posting this notice to clear some confusion. I was most distressed this week to discover that there are several psychic sites now in operation that are attempting to operate under the Global Psychics name.

If we decide to list on Craig’s List or anywhere else on the web, we will clearly identify ourselves as Global Psychics Inc and the listing will be linked to http://globalpsychics.com or http://lovepsychics.com We do not have any other sites, and are listed ONLY as a .com. Global Psychics represents a group of psychics, all of whom are listed on our readers page. The “pretenders” operate as individual psychics and offer little or no content on their sites.

It isn’t hard to tell that they are not us, but it can take a moment to realize that the headings are misleading and these sites have no connection to us. I hope this clarifies things for you.

Ain’t life grand!

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