Invoking Divine Love when we are afraid is perhaps the most powerful action we can take. Whether we feel attacked by others’ thoughts and feelings, or by spirits or aliens, calling for Love to be present in the moment will always serve to help you rebalance and to push any dark energy off.

Hello, I searched for benevolent Aliens on Google and found your site. I wanted to share with you an experience and maybe you could offer some type of feedback whether other people report similar experiences.

Over the last few years my interest in spirituality has really peaked. I have also always had an interest in Aliens, UFOs, abductions and that whole phenomena. One thing that really intrigues me is the fact that Aliens apparently have psychic abilities. I thought – if they can be psychic, why not us? And I heard from various sources that our brain is like a muscle – If we work it, it will get stronger.

So, every night before bed, I started using my mind. I would practice “remote viewing” – or at least attempt to. I started by imagining places and peoples’ faces. I tried to connect with the essence of these things. Eventually, I started  getting feelings while I thought of these things.

I was always afraid of Aliens as a child… but lately I had been growing up and getting accustomed to the idea. I realized that they are people too.

One day I stumbled upon an idea that Aliens are listening to people on Earth, to their psychic thoughts or whatever. One night, I tried to imagine the Aliens faces. I imagined the typical Grey. I would not get much feedback – however, it was almost as-if certain questions would be answered, as if they were there as a passive observer, not really to interact. The main answers I got were related to my own spirituality, opening my mind, being caring and tolerant.

Quite often, my animal tendencies got in the way. I would start imagining something that was negative – and this would cut off any connection I may have had. This went on for about a few months. I tried harder and harder to overcome those animal, negative and fearful tendencies.

Recently, I was feeling very off-balance. I went to lay in bed and I started to let my mind wander. I was imagining faces again, the greys also. I started seeing this face that was very persistent. One I had not really seen before. It was a very humanoid face, but it was almost different from human. I was starting to get afraid again. This face would not stop. I almost opened my eyes and sat up, but I was courageous and starting thinking “Love” “Love” over and over, and sending out good vibes. Suddenly the face went away and I felt the presence of a truly benevolent and powerful being. It felt really good. I was overcome with joy. I could almost sense that this being was more powerful than the greys. Somehow, I knew this being had a long neck… strangely enough.


Anyway, either I am delusional or it is a real experience.

I am not really paranoid or afraid. I don’t really think its a problem. I don’t have any experience like that unless I want to, so I do have a certain control of it. Like turning it on or off. Bob W.

I have also felt like I have been in contact with spirits…

Anyway, any help or suggestions or contacts or other stories you could inform me of would be great. It would be neat if there are other people with similar experiences.

Hello, there is much truth in what you feel or think, as I am in communication with spiritworld and the ones from other parts in this universe since childhood, but first of all….stop saying animal tendencies, when you talk about your inner negative emotions or thoughts…animals, thanks to God, are not like humans, but have started to copy them.
To be in communication with the ones you cannot see, is a blessing for me as they have helped and explained me much throughout my life. Yes, they are observing silently and on one occasion asked me how it is like to be in a human body. There is much fantasy about how or who they are, want they plan to do,…..for me they are friends who have been by my side when I needed them. Hope that is of some guidance to you to stop feeling afraid and keep on learning…they will guide you. Stay calm and peace be with you  Mischa 

When you are afraid, visualize yourself and your home and all associated with your fear surrounded in a bubble of gorgeous pink and green light. These are the colours of Divine Love and when we actively invoke this energy we find ourselves feeling more balanced, as Bob notes… and when our fears are balanced by love, our vibrational frequency rises and thus whatever dark energy has been attracted to us, can no longer remain near us….

I have frequently urged my clients to use this visualization when they are faced with disputes, or when relationships become difficult or the home or working environment becomes very stressful. As you visualize thee colours, draw your attention to your heart and fill it with thoughts of love, whether that is love of a person, your pet or your job…. this feeling will help to magnetically charge your good thoughts with good feelings… and this again helps to raise your vibrational frequency and to back off from the fears that are blocking you from achieving your goals.

Client after client reports positive results with this exercise, so try it the next time you feel fear taking hold, or you are faced with some challenge….. when all may seem hopeless or beyond your comprehension, Love can save the day….

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