Prayer can be a powerful – and mysterious – force in our lives. It need not be formal and it requires no special time or place. Although praying in a sacred place, like a church, at a home altar, or in a special place in your garden, can add weight and power to your prayers, you can pray any time, anywhere… I will often choose to say a quiet prayer as a way of distracting myself from some negative thought or worry or fear – and offer the prayer for all those who share the same anxieties… and I will reach out with – and for – prayer requests to any groups who gather in prayer. Heartfelt prayers can save lives, as this visitor tells us:

When I was about 10 years old, I had rheumatic fever very bad, I was confined to bed for weeks, and the disease was getting worse, all my joints were swelling up,and I was very frail, the doctor came to visit  me, and told my parents that my condition was deteriorating, he would visit me  again the next day. If my condition worsened, I would have to be admitted to hospital. At the time my father was a very religious man, and used to pray every night.this night. As I lay in my bed I could hear him praying aloud, and sobbing, asking God to heal his son. It actually scared me, but I fell asleep. I had a lovely dream. I was looking over a wide river to a very beautiful white city. I wanted to go there, but was told I couldn’t go.  When I woke up in the morning I never even thought about my dream. I realized I wasn’t hurting anywhere. I got up and woke my parents up. They couldn’t believe the change in my condition, neither did the doctor when he came.. He said it was unbelievable that there was nothing wrong with me. It  wasn’t till I was older, that I connected the dream to the events that happened that night. Even now that I’m nearly 70 years old, I have no effects from the disease, and I’m very healthy. I believe my life has been blessed.  David S.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story… how wonderful that your father loved you so to pray for you with such heart…  Obviously, it wasn’t your time to go…. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

So, don’t be afraid to scream and holler at God, your angels and guides when you need help… All are listening,  waiting for you to ask for what you need…

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