The Law of Attraction tells us that when we put out good energy, we can attract what we want in life.  But kindness and generosity pay off in some surprising ways…

I was reading about certain people who have bad luck or ”a curse” put on them from a bad expierience with somebody. I felt for the longest time that a relative had done the same to me. I was constantly depressed about nothing, and everything I did was an effort. My buiseness suffered, my relationship suffered until one day I got a call. A client of mine told me she was terminally ill with cancer, and could I cut her hair in hospital. My first thought was to decline, but she’d been a very good and nice client for many years. I decided I would go and fulfill her wish. During cutting her hair Iremained positive, while talking, and giving her every encouragement about recovery. When I was finished and we parted she said that this was probably her last haircut with me and stood waving me goodbye. I turned and waved to her also one last time. I expected to be very depressed and sad, but to my surprise I felt happy and like weight had been lifted from my chest. The curse had been lifted and I’m !sure it was due to my good deed. Simply the power of good negates the power of evil. All the best…Stephen.

You are right – the best way to shift energy is to offer some service – get into the habit of offering random acts of kindness and you’ll see who much happier and more fulfilled you’ll become, thanks for sharing, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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