I am interested in hearing from folks who have witnessed the orb pheonmenon.New energy is clearly in motion around the planet, magnetic poles are shifting and with this movement, there appears to be an odd release of energy in the form of orbs of light that float through the air. Various groups have reported seeing many of these appear at spiritual retreats, others are reporting spontaneous “eruptions” of light in their gardens and homes. My own son was drawn outside one late night to watch a large orange ball glowing in our back yard.

Following is a typical experience from one of our visitors. Tell us about yours!

 I have been wondering, three years ago or so i was getting ready for bed so I turned off the lights and was going to sleep, but I looked at my window and the next thing i see is this floating ball of bright light, misty all around it to, but it was so beautiful.

 That thing came in my room,  it started floating around the room a little bit and I got scared and covered my head with my blankets and I could see that bright light still when i tool the blanket off. It was going to the hallway over to where my two sisters bedroom was, well I ran to the hallway and turned on the lights and it vanished. What do you think about this, what could it have been? Blessed Be, Anastasia

My Daughter had the same thing happen! She was 12 and saw one in the backyard, basketball size and spinning. Depends on who you ask A very famous psychic says, they are Angels, a very famous UFO-ologist says they are orbs from another dimension. I guess it depends how you feel, I go with they are energy from higher dimensions and are here to signify that WE are connected to a higher energy force. And they are loving, Maryann  

Following is an excerpt from The Prophe’s Conference newsletter about work they are doing around the orb phenomenon:

A few years ago we received a video entitled ORBS: The Veil Is Lifting by Randy and Hope Mead. This was our introduction to what has become a mind blowing adventure. At first we didn’t pay much attention because we felt this to be conjecture and we had other really important and serious shamanic and consciousness raising activities taking precedence. But as mentioned in a prior email, our interest became keen after finding out more from Dr. Miceal Ledwith. So now we feel that skeptics and detractors aside, we may be looking at something that could blow apart the boundaries between spiritual and material existence and we want to cultivate this as much as we can. Hence, the conference which we look forward to as a way for you to delve into this powerful breakthrough. 

ORBS: The Veil Is Lifting
The Prophets Conference Sedona
May 4-6, 2007
Raddison Sedona Resort


Commenting on Randy and Hope’s film, James Gilliland of Self Mastery Earth Institute says, “The orbs are actually spiritual manifestations that are extensions of consciousness. When we’re not in a physical form we often travel in a light sphere. It’s way beyond the nuts and bolts to understand this kind of science. In the universe we live in, we can measure less than 1%. All physicists believe that there’s another 99% out there that we cannot measure. There are other planes and other dimensions, and these orbs are a by-product of these other planes and dimensions.” The orbs seem to be drawn to celebratory gatherings and we look forward to creating such an uplifting event in Sedona.

  1. howdy. about those orbs? on one level in photography especially, they are often lens flares – many other explanations adhere to the phenomenon as well; yet the ones WE notice are simply sentient energy. pure consciousness, as everything is. should you see a sphere of light, know that it’s the most truthful apearance of anyform be it you, me, an enlightened angelic being or any extention of thyself in this duality-reality or maya. remember, it is only light. conceive. create. experience.

    inithio ana sanaha. lanathos kameth iru aman nuha.

  2. Last summer my family and I went to Ft. Sumpter, Charleston, South Carolina. It is an old Fort that was used during the United States Revolutionary War, and most of it distroyed during our Cival War. It was very brutal. I have three children my husband and myself were exploring and taking lots of pictures. There was a very dark doorway, that you had to step up to get in. It was leading into the wall that surrounded/protected the Fort. When I stepped up (wiht camera in hand) into the doorway, I immediately had a feeling that said to step back and not to go further. My kids however were right on my tail and all of them at the same time jumped up into the doorway but stopped and just peaked past, (it was very very dark and spooky) I snapped several pictures at that time. And when I got home and downloaded the pictures, what I saw was many orbs, all over the doorway. Some smaller some bigger and brighter. One if you blow it up you can see a face in it! At first glance you would think that something was on the camera lense, but they were not on previous pictures and on the following pictures they were all in different places. I have since gone back over my digital picture collection and have noticed more although nothing like these ones.

    Have a great day!

  3. Helen, thanks for your comments. Some scientists have put these off as lens flashes… however from the sounds of it, these were ghostly manifestations of the spirits that probably dwell in Ft Sumpter, or spirits who wish to protect it somehow. Interesting! I posted your comments with the original article. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

  4. There are at least five different “Orb” phenomena:

    1) Lens flare – the bulk of the “orb” photos I see
    on the internet.

    2) Dust close up and illuminated by flash. Probably the second most common phenomena.

    3) Ball lightning. Extremely rare but has been captured on video.

    4) Orb shaped UFO’s. I’ve captured these in photographs twice.

    5) Orbs that people associate with ghosts, spirits, or ectoplasma.

    I believe there is reality to all of these but by far #1 and #2 are the most common and often mistaken for the latter three.

  5. I have seen many photo’s of Orbs and have actually taken some my self. Please come take a look at them here


    These were taken in Alaska. I hope you enjoy them. This is a fantastic site. I would be very interested in any accounts you may have about this type of phenomena that you may have heard of happening in Alaska.

  6. Zettabyte

    A wild rambling rose of a woman,
    with a smoky smile and jaunty hips.
    Tan as a summer’s day.

    Brisk, bracing, brusque.
    Like a March wind.

    Cool air pours off a sheer blue glacier.

    Ice lipped steel bergs
    Way down under…

    Pieces of the sky
    scattered over the glassy waters of a lake.

    Mirror world lake reflected.
    A reflex action.
    A world dopplegangered.
    One twin clear and sure.
    The other rippled by winds of fate and chance.

  7. While exploring some civil war battlefields around dusk in Chattanooga recently, it became very apparant that something was amiss with many of the pictures we shot, and we noticed it WHILE we were shooting.

    My partner explained the orb phenomenon to me…I had never heard about it before, and I must admit, it was the only explanation that held water for many of the photos.

    Hard for someone who bases his life on sound scientific decision making to admit, but true nevertheless.

  8. i’ve seen these only twice, both at a fairly young age. the first time when i was about 9, it was night and i was looking out of my bedroom window when i suddenly saw this orb of pure white light floting a couple of hundred feet away just higher than the lampost outside and it was just bobbing about, i stared at it for about 30 mins before i eventually fell asleep. the second time was when i was around 11 and my friend saw it too. i was in a high rise flat on the top floor again it was night and again we were just looking out the window when we both saw another one of these orbs floting at around the same level as the floor below and about 20 feet out from the building. i’ve havent seen one since. its nice to that i’m not crazy and others have experienced this too

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