by Paul Dale RobertsHPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator &

A Supernatural Night in Arnold

Paul’s account of one of HPI”s investigation provides some useful insight on how to catch a ghost….

It’s a super gorgeous day, beautiful blue skies, the birds are chirping and it’s time to hit the road. Today is April 18, 2009, Saturday. As I walk out my front door, two of my neighbors that I have recruited as HPI paranormal investigative scouts stop by, they are Angela Fellines and Walter Recino. Angela can’t make this investigation to Arnold, but Walter is headed to Arnold after work. I stop at Jiffy Lube to check the air pressure on my tires, turn up my jams (Born on the Bayou – Creedence Clearwater Revival and Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd) and cruise to my paranormal scouting mission in Arnold. I notice that the bikers are also enjoying this day as they cruise down Hwy 99 alongside my car. A swarm of Jus Brothers bikers finally pass up my car the Ghost Tracker and head out for their destination, which I later learn to be Angel’s Camp.

Along my way, I stop by Pioneer Cemetery and attempt to get some EVPs without any success. I hit the road again and discover my Verizon cell phone is not working. I look for the Verizon people that usually follow me everywhere and they are not around. I am in a dead zone and I am on my own. Where is that Verizon squirrelly guy with the glasses? I move on and I hope that other paranormal investigative scouts won’t get lost, because there is no way that they can contact me. After driving here and there, I find my location. The occupants Vincent and Amy Scotto are getting the barbeque ready. They are preparing or have ready the following: chicken, Southerly salad, brownies, cookies, chips. I bring a case of A&W root beer. Amy’s black Labrador K.D. enjoys the company of my investigative scouts.

Paranormal Investigative Scouts (HPI Arnold Paranormal Task Force) that show up are: David Mace, Timothy Dennehy, Jessica L. Taylor, Walter Recinos, Nereida Yanez, Hillary N. Taylor, Donna Jackson, Eileen VerHulst aka Ilyana, Connie Brenner and Lynn Combs. Note: Ilyana and Donna Jackson represent E.V.P. En-Vision Paranormal and they can be contacted at: and

Timothy Dennehy is the President and Founder of Ghost Quest/Ghost Seeker Society and worked with the Santa Clara’s Sheriff’s Office. He has been involved with paranormal investigating for 20 years. Today he is ready to investigate this home in Arnold and has brought his psychic Chihuahua Luke. Timothy is also the producer of the video called: In Search of the Vortex (in which he gave me a copy). As the barbeque is being prepared I also do a conference call with Carol Mack LeFave and the FAWPS team in Wisconsin. I love killing two birds with one stone, conducting an investigation and doing a conference call at the same time.

Besides that, I am amazed at how many investigators have either a former police background or are getting into law enforcement. For example Donna Jackson is in the process of becoming a juvenile probation officer with Stanislaus County. I think what attracts former law enforcement investigators in the paranormal is the thrill of the investigation, the thrill of the find and the curious instinct that we all have. David Mace, former Sacramento policeman for 18 years and my work with the US Army’s CID (Criminal Investigation Division/DST – Drug Suppression Team). When I got out of the Army, I was going to get into law enforcement again by applying for the Sacramento Sheriff Academy and later as a correctional officer for Vacaville Prison. I later decided I am too much of a people person and remember the times of paranoia I felt in Germany working undercover narcotics. My police work was over and there was other investigative work I can do, where I don’t have to fall into a state of paranoia. I did some private investigation work for my own company Silhouette, Enterprises and didn’t go nowhere with that, no money and for the year that I did it, only had 2 clients that didn’t want to pay up. There I go again, talking about myself, you’re probably wondering about the Arnold investigation. You’re probably saying to yourself, does Paul ever get off his soapbox? Okay..okay…..

Let’s talk about the investigation, but first what kind of equipment did we have?

Ahh…here is a list of ghost hunting goodies:

Binoculars, video cameras, flashlights, Spirit Box aka Frank box, K2 readers, digital audio recorders, temperature gauges, digital cameras, Sony video recorder, EMF readers, regular tape recorder, video Panasonic 3 chip camera DVC-30, Kodak Digital Camera (still), IC Chip Recorders – Panasonic RRDR60 QR-80 QR-100, Quick Stream – digital hard drive recorder (80 gig), ectoplasm dipped dowsing rods.

With my interview with Amy (occupant) I discover that some of the paranormal events are:

1. Toy car moving by itself and falling to the floor.
2. Rocking chair moving by itself.
3. Footsteps heard on the second floor.
4. Occupant’s friend pushed off the bed by an entity.
5. Amy (occupant) feels one of the entities is Diane (deceased girlfriend of her husband Vincent.
6. Black mass seen on second floor.
7. Thickened air in the master bedroom.
8. One of the facts about where the home is built is that there is a lot of quartz in the area. Quartz is a magnet for the spiritual realm. Note: David Mace discovered the land/quartz connection.
9. K.D. the Labrador, Sabrina the cat, Templeton the cat (occupant’s pets) detect entities in the home by barking or hissing at areas of the house where they feel a presence.

For this evening, I have broken up the team into two groups. Lead Investigators are Timothy Dennehy and David Mace. Timothy controls Team Vortex and David controls Team Ecto. We have one sensitive Donna Jackson. Investigative sessions are for 45 minutes. The first briefing Amy and I explain the paranormal activity of the home. David Mace briefs us on his research about the area. After each investigative session we will go over the evidence with the occupants. The third session is a free-for-all allowing investigators to go wherever they like. The fourth session we will utilize the Spirit Box for communication with any entities in the home. Note: All EVPs collected tonight is using the McCabe Method of obtaining EVPs. See McCabe Method – the quick and dirty way of obtaining EVPs.

First Session Investigation Discoveries:
When we first arrived the toy car rolled off the cabinet to the floor and witnessed by 3 investigators. Donna (sensitive) detects heaviness, a presence in the home when first entering. David Mace feels heaviness in the air when first entering the home. Amy feels a little off balance in the basement area. Many photographs show designer orbs. Some of the orb pictures are enhanced and it appears that some orbs have faces, a mouth, eyes, etc. Since we have investigated this home in the past and obtained EVPs, there may be a haunting phenomenon here. I have instructed my investigators to seek out intelligent movements of the orbs by video taping the orbs and having them go towards an outstretched hand. Donna (sensitive) detects a presence at the bottom of the stairs and snaps some photos and obtains 3 orbs in her photo. The second session of the investigation will now commence.

Second Session Investigation Discoveries:
Hillary using the dowsing rods discovered an area with cold spots. The dowsing rods indicated a woman in her 40s lived in this home. She is friendly and says she is trapped on the premises. Note: Dowsing rods are not proof of a paranormal haunting. Pictures of orbs are not proof of a haunting, unless we can show intelligent movement of the orbs.

Casper Haunting:
This home is what I consider a ‘Casper Haunting’. The entities of this home are friendly and are no way harmful to the occupants.

Third Session Investigation Discoveries:
This was a free-for-all, where investigators can go wherever they like to investigate. During the free-for-all, more orb pictures were taken. Walter Recino takes a picture of a super bright moving orb with faint light tail behind it.

Fourth Session Investigation Discoveries:
This is where we used the Spirit Box. A Spirit Box uses radio frequencies in the search mode to communicate. During the questioning of the Spirit Box, we heard many names mentioned. Vince was said many times over. Other names said were: Paul, Lynn, Dave and Amy. Other words that came from the box when asking questions were: Yes, To Die, Into the Light. We asked how many entities are at this home and it answered 5 – five times. Some answers were very distinct and clear. The entity said her name was Sarah two times.

From a past investigation, EVPs were obtained in this home. In this Scouting Mission, no EVPs were obtained. Orbs in photos were taken. Footsteps at one point of time were heard on the second floor. There appears to be some unknown force in this home, further investigation is warranted

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  1. what evidence can you provide to this analysis?What other EVPs did you capture?you get any other activity?

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