by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter

Sometimes I like talking about other paranormal gobbly gook, so let’s talk about the 11:11 phenomenon. Are you with me on this? You are? Good. Right now, I have two friends that are experiencing the 11:11 syndrome. Bertha Clara looks at the clock for no reason and the time is 11:11am or 11:11pm. Why 11:11? HPI Ghosthunter Renee Martine looks at the clock at times and its 11:11am or 11:11pm. A telephone call comes in, she looks at the time and its 11:11am. I see her online and send her a quick Yahoo message, the time is 11:11pm. I didn’t do that on purpose. Bertha and Renee get important emails and they are sent at 11:11am. What the heck is going on?

With assistance from researchers Cara Degregorio and Malena Harvey, the three of us sit down and research the mystery of 11:11. We discover that on January 11, 1992 the 11:11 experience began. It was when the Doorway of 11:11 was open and it will stay open for 20 years, closing the gate forever in 2011. 11:11 represents the Eleven Energy Gates. When a person is going through the 11:11 process, they enter the 11:11 gate and at each gate, there is a spiritual awakening. They are evolving into more spiritual people. There will be many people that enter the 11:11 gate, they will be experiencing their own transformation. These people will have a high awareness level and may be the people that will usher in the changes of the world on December 21, 2012. The 11:11 people may be in tune to the whole universe and in tune with their extraterrestrial lineage. The 11:11 people may be the Star People we have all heard about. The 11:11 people may be our guides into an era of enlightment. The 11:11 people are the chosen ones, the ones that have been selected to evolve, while the rest of us stay in our own mortal minds and bodies. The 11 pyramids of the world represent the 11:11 phenomenon. The 11:11 phenomenon is our terrestrial connection to the cosmos and to higher intelligences. An 11:11 experiencer tells me that they entered through the first gate and found it to be colorless, a dream world of no reality. They await the experience of the second gate. Note: What is also interesting is that Bertha and Renee are both spiritual type of people and they do not know each other.

I believe the rest of the gates will be of wonder, fulfillment and enlightment. The 11:11 experience is here. If you have the experience, be prepared to embrace it, because you have been chosen.

  1. I have been experiencing major ongoing synchronicity for years on a daily basis in every possible way and have kept a record called My God of Coincidence by way of a Diary. Since my ongoing insights, involving numbers and also the deconstruction of words are part of my experiential and totally verifiable connects I know what’s written above to be true about the cosmic significance of 11:11.

    The word, eleven itself can be easily deconstructed and does involve the significance of EL the ancient name of God and within, that notion of eleve as in to raise as elevate and in French “student” but one can go much further with the profound linguistic connects across Babel.

    As for WONDER yes, listen closely to language, because within the aural connects themselves is recorded a profound and most beautiful story, involving us all, that will, surely sweep the world and send us all to our knees. ONE der, the unity in the apparently disparate. We are ALL ONE & ALONE, PART and APART.

    I know this story is about LOVE and that my mandate, my is to share, as cher is to share that which is most precious, this geode that is about all our lives and past lives, a gift that is in present, the unraveling of these, most beautiful ribbons, towards the eternal opening into a new vision, of us and our place in the cosmos.

    Beauty IS truth.

    in truth/ruth

  2. if I already said this, it cannot be said enough times.

    I follow my heart in all that I do and I cannot truly, make a mistake. A psychic on Malta told me I was an important figure in Atlantis. What matters to me is now, my own small and precious life. This record I am keeping is part of a profound vow, that by virtue of a life of coincidence I can on paper prove the existence of God. I already know what I have on paper.

    This story must have been written “from the beginning of time”. I honor my life, my contacts, and the Story Teller, because I did not write this script. I am happy to be Ruth, to have actualized the potential of my name.

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