you are not a mind, but a spirit inhabiting a body that has a mind as a tool” – Anthony

by Danielle

Your mind is an asset when you want to bake a cake, but it gets in your way when it comes to loving and living.  .. it is our minds that get to worrying and over-analyzing – and thus attracting trouble to us…

So often  we are victims of our minds, locked into patterns of thinking that become almost obsessive in nature,  especially when it comes to a relationship  that has ended, financial setbacks or some traumatic event or loss,  “how can I stop thinking about him, how could I have changed the outcome, why did this have to happen”… our minds whirl around our pain with dozens of questions, driving us a little crazy for awhile , blocking us from any forward motion in our lives.

It doesn’t occur to us that we can simply stop thinking about the problem – that we can acknowledge it and all the fear it raises, and then set it aside to get on with our lives. It doesn’t occur to us to believe that we can take control of our minds, that our minds are not “us”, but simply a tool that we use to manage our bodies and our day-to-day lives. It doesn’t occur to us to think of the mind as a tool, a tool that we can choose to use, and how – or not.

Your perspective changes when you think of your brain/mind as a tool, an instrument that you can learn to manage so it can help you to produce more of what you want in life . If you can change your mind, you can change your world, for your world is greatly affected by your state of mind. – six of swords in the Tarot. Think how you might change your world, if you took control of what’s on your mind….

But we are like rats on a wheel when it comes to our beliefs and thinking processes… we keep repeating the same patterns, whether negative or positive because we have established certain neuro-pathways in our brains… so changing our minds is tantamount to changing our worlds – but takes more effort than we might first think. It takes courage, time and determination to set new pathways in the brain. You have to learn how to play a Mind Game with yourself.

The Mind Game begins by deciding that your mind is a tool, and that from this point on, you intend to be in control of this tool. Then, when the worries and fears come up, when you start thinking of the old pain, or get into your “nots”, stop, make a conscious choice to move forward, and act on that choice.  Here are some useful ways to change your mind:

  • get busy, distract yourself with some other activity that you enjoy, call a friend or a family member who canl lift your spirits
  • acknowledge what you feel, write about it, and then let it go… burn your notes on a full moon and let the ashes go in running water
  • say a prayer, repeat some affirmations, visualize some positive event occurring around you
  • offer to bear your sorrow joyfully as a gift to all those who suffer in similar ways
  • offer some service to another
  • consider your options, seek inspiration and healing
  • focus on what is good and loving and positive in your life
  • rent a funny movie, read a good book
  • pour your energy into a creative project

Have fun playing this Mind Game. Learning to control what’s on your mind will change your life in wonderful ways, so it’s definitely worth the effort and the commitment… that’s a promise!

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