I can always tell when there is a new spook show on TV because we usually see a rash of letters like the one below. For awhile there, when the demon shows were so popular, we had a lot of young people asking about demons in their dreams, or even if they could be following them around.   Now that the Reaper show is runnung, it triggers one of humankind’s core fears – the fear of death – and I expect that more than one person will have a scary experience with what they feel is a real encounter with the Grim Reaper.

Phil’s response to this client’s experience with the Grim Reaper reminded me of the importance of avoiding negative thoughts – and triggering negative thinking and fears. We are exposed on a daily basis to a barrage of negative thoughts through the media – whether on the radio, TV, newspaper, the web, or even your IPod. I was shocked to actually listen to a rap song on late night TV – dedicated to hurting, maiming and even killing others, and what it would feel like to perpetrate such horrendous acts. It is no wonder so many of our young people are deeply angry – and willing to take a gun to do something about it.

As Phil suggests, it is wise to avoid exposing yourself – as well as your entire family – to experiences that will trigger our fears and thus lower our vibrational frequencies. And this means minimizing contact with all forms of media, especially when they are expressing such values as violence, exploitation, anger and resentment.

If you want to get the Law of Attraction working in your life, it is essential to avoid unnecessary anxiety, to face your fears and move away  from them. Moving away from what is unloving in the media is one way to make it easier to get what you want in life.

I had a horrible vision the other night.  I was relaxing and getting myself ready to lay down to go to sleep.  I turned off the tv and the light and what seemed like only a few minutes later I saw the grim reaper only 2 feet from me.  I tried to shake this off and close my eyes again only to open my eyes up and he was right beside me.  I said to him, I’m not ready to go yet and closed my eyes and fell asleep.  Juli

This is (as we say in the business) a no-brainer. The answer is clearly within your question – turn your TV off and keep it off! TV, and all other aspects of the entertainment” industry really, are solely designed to control your brain and rob you of your own imagination. It’s the most insidious invention ever known to humankind.
Your imagination is something you own – it’s a part of your birthright. If you willingly give it away to these fiends, they will manipulate it for all it is worth. They exploit your fear mechanisms in order to keep you first separated from your wallet, and then they’ll reach out to try and steal your soul in order to keep you locked into their fear making machine.

Take your soul – another of your inalienable birthrights – back. Fear sells, and they know it. The opposite of fear is love – unconditional love for your Self. Nothing can touch you with this, not, them, the Grim Reaper (whoever that is), not anything. Peace and unconditional love, Phil the astrologer

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