There is a reason for everything….even COVID-19….. I was conditioned from early childhood to search for meaning. My mother firmly believed that everything could be explained, every event in our life has a reason for being.. All has purpose!

Often there is a multiplicity of purposes in significant events like a major storm or a pandemic. Every individual affected will have their own purpose for being part of the event and various groups or communities may each have their own reasons for being affected.

There are many purposes to COVID-19; for example, the masks remind us to watch what comes from our mouths – words have power. Social distancing reminds us to give each other the space to be ourselves without judgment…The reminder to wash our hands tells us to let go of the past, and the caution against touching our faces tells us to be real, without artifice…  and also mindful of what we allow to touch us.

On a global level, the virus reminds us that we are all ONE, what infects one will reach around the world to infect others.. The Amazon rain forest has been carelessly plowed under to grow crops… but the rain forest acts as the lungs of the planet, producing vital oxygen…. my feeling is that it is no accident that the corona virus attacks the lungs…. the planet’s way of fighting back…. interesting that Brazil is one of the hardest hit countries.

It is especially interesting that many have put down their weapons to tend to the sick.

On the up side, the Stay Home orders have brought many families closer, and parents have become more involved in their children’s education. Whole communities have come together in creative ways like partying in their driveways, so they could connect with each other without breaking any rules.  A lot of folks have enjoyed working from home…. We are also more aware and grateful to those who are on the frontlines, people like the grocery clerks and those behind the scenes stocking shelves and cleaning…

Anyone who wants to apply spiritual principles to every day life will want to be attentive to seeking meaning. We must be willing to ask why we attract certain events and people to us. It is not that we are responsible for the pandemic, but it behooves us to look at how it is affecting our lives.

The world is a mirror, reflecting back at us the issues and lessons that we want to learn at a particular time in our lives… the mirror invites us to see ourselves truly so we can see the meaning in the events of our lives and then make the changes that will raise our frequency and vibration so we can more easily attract what we want…..

COVID-19 is playing a role in our lives, even if indirectly… It has forced us the  press the reset button, it presents an opportunity to review where we’ve been and where we’re going…  It is worth taking time to notice what changes it has brought and how you have had to adapt…. speculate on why, what it means to you…. Drop me  note or leave a comment, tell us what meaning you see in the pandemic, for yourself or for the world…. and stay safe!

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