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Why has Mary appeared in the last 50 years more frequently than in the last 2000 years? While the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to individuals and groups – Christian and non-Christian – since 40 A.D., now we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the number, frequency and scope of these events.

Mary as the archetypal Mother of God, Mother of All, seems anxious to deliver a plea for prayer that contains a message for all mankind, not just for Christians and Catholics.

The most recent reports come from Windsor, Ontario, just 2 hours south of me. My mother was born and raised in Windsor. My grandmother owned several religious goods stores in Windsor and Detroit…a strong Catholic community there   Originally located in the front yard of a Garvey Crescent home, a statue of the Virgin Mary is said to smile during the day and weep tears of oil at night. Homeowner Fadia Ibrahim calls the supposed happenings a “miracle,” and believes the statue is delivering a message. “I think it’s a work of God and she wants the people to go back to church,” said Ibrahim, 48.

The owners recently removed the statue from their front lawn because traffic from worshippers was getting out of hand. The statue is now located at the St. Charbel Maronite Catholic Church in Oldcastle, Ont., south of Windsor. – and now the church is experiencing an unprecedented increase in attendance at daily Mass.

The owners say it will be on display there for the foreseeable future.  See the whole story here.

What is interesting to me is that there have been numerous church closures in this area, including a number in Windsor… perhaps Mary is expressing her displeasure at this contraction?

The Mary Prophecies

In her more recent appearances, Mary has fairly consistently prophesied three specific events:

A Warning –  This Warning is said to be a great act of God’s Mercy, a “warning shot” that will be heard around the world. Some awesome event, perhaps a terrible catastrophe, something that will shock us all into knowing that God has spoken. (I wonder if 9 11 was that warning?)

A Great Miracle –  It is said that God will give some visible sign to all of mankind of His presence, His love and His mercy. This to come exactly one year after the warning.

The Chastisement – The bible in Revelations refers to a time of Tribulation to befall the earth, and Mary seems to be warning of this also… a time of purification and cleansing, a time when great fires and floods besiege the earth and no man is left unaffected.

What is interesting about these prophesies is that they conform rather closely to both biblical prophecy and to a number of the prophecies about these times recorded throughout history by individuals recognized by the Catholic Church as Saints – and many others, including Nostradamus and Cayce and many Native prophets like the Hopi elders.

While the details of each incident are different, some aspects of the messages delivered through these apparitions are always the same… each message contains a plea for prayers, often to pray the Rosary specifically, and each reminds us of Christ’s Love and His desire for a loving peace to unite His world.

Perhaps, now, more than ever in our history, we must be reminded, and literally called, as soldiers to battle, to live His Word through prayer and acts of love.

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