By Bryan de Flores

One of the topics often brought to my attention in many e-mails and seminars is financial prosperity. The questions and statements range from “How can I enhance my financial prosperity?” to“I wish I had the money to attend all your seminars and purchase more of your products!”   The fact is, a huge number of individuals from all over the planet are constantly pondering and faced with the financial prosperity/poverty consciousness issue. And yes, of course there are simple answers to this dilemma, however these ‘corrections’ must be made and adhered to on a daily basis, not just in certain areas of your life and at your convenience. What I am speaking of here is taking the answers to poverty consciousness and applying them in every area of your life all the time.

The search for unlimited financial funds is a multifaceted one, in which you must incorporate a number of understandings and learn to magnetize and attract all forms of prosperity to you. What I find most often, with the individuals I work with, is that they are applying the concepts only to certain areas of their life, where they are comfortable with the changes. For example, the technique of energetically magnetizing money to you every day is very powerful and works without fail. However, if you are still continuing to set up a lot of unconscious and conscious blocks, as well as buy into the fear-based ideas of others and participate in various ‘get-rich-quick’ & discount schemes, you will never be able to access what is truly yours, by birthright. In addition, many of the self-created barriers or blocks to your prosperity are most often set up by you verbally, by constantly saying that you don’t have enough or there is not enough money to do what you want or need to do. This self-imposed reality can shift in the twinkling of an eye, regardless of what anyone (including the media) says.  There is always plenty of abundance to go around! Unbeknownst to most individuals, true financial prosperity is not accessed or accumulated from the physical world; it is dispensed from the universal spiritual kingdoms. Therefore, you simply need to re-phrase the words you are using and tap into your unlimited universal bank account.

Every year, I encounter two or three individuals who write to say that they would like to come to a particular workshop or conference that I’m giving. However, the letters go on to say that they either don’t have the money (and therefore have given up all hope of coming)
or that they were doing the calculations of how much it would cost for the plane fare, hotel and conference and came up with the concrete hypothesis that it was too costly and unattainable. By the end of the letter they have basically just given up all hope of coming… when what they should have done is say, “Bryan, I would love to come to this event, and although I currently do not have the funds to register, I am petitioning God and the Hierarchy to somehow bless me with the funds to come.” This is truly a revelating and amazing process for individuals who have this positive attitude. Always, within a week
or two they receive money from an unforeseen source or access an option they never knew existed.

Quite honestly, what I’m speaking of here is a spiritual test that occurs at these times when individuals are meant to access their unlimited universal bank accounts. What this means is that Spirit is watching and listening intently whenever a situation like this occurs. What
most individuals don’t know is that Spirit is eavesdropping on them and either holding back or dispensing monies to them, according to how they deal with a situation. For example, if someone says,“I would like to go to the dolphin workshop in Hawaii, but I don’t have enough money and I have calculated all of the costs and it’s just not going to happen!”, Spirit will not and cannot assist them in the manifestation of this, as they have set up mental and emotional and sometimes physical blocks just by their statement alone. On the other hand, if someone says, “I would like to go to the dolphin workshop in Hawaii, and although I currently do not have enough money, I am trusting and thanking Spirit in advance for the financial dispensation to attend!” Wow, your spirit guides and the Hierarchy love this type of response. They will immediately go to work on dispensing the funds to you! It is truly amazing how this works.

Freeing Your Energy!

OK, excellent now you are ready to be free of all limitation and claim your prosperity! Next on the agenda, we will load a couple of new paradigm ‘financial prosperity’ concepts into your mind, which will help you greatly in your quest. First of all, you need to know that continued financial prosperity only comes to those individuals who are grateful and giving people. Just because you perceive that you do not have enough to give, does not mean you cannot give. This is often one of the main problems that can be quickly corrected by giving/tithing a portion of your money and/or time several times a month. This should be given freely, without question or the need to get something in return. Subsequently, it is also important to know that a small portion of your income is being given to you by God and the Hierarchy to use to assist other people. What a revelation! This understanding has been lost in our modern times and it is where most people go wrong. Many individuals have for many years been on some kind of a budget and have failed to give to others and so they themselves have fallen out of favor with God regarding their financial prosperity.

One of the best ways to separate your ‘assistance money’ is to keep a ‘money bowl’ or box in the house in which all spare change and loose dollars are put. At the end of each month you will take this money, convert it into dollars and ask God and your spirit guides where or to whom this money is supposed to go. Usually within a matter of hours you will receive the answer. Again, give it freely, without thinking of getting something in return! Most often this money will go to an organization or individual whom you do not currently have an affiliation with. In addition, the recipient of your gift may be one of the most unlikely people or places, which you personally would not necessarily have thought of. May I remind you here, that it is Spirit directing this money to certain individuals for very good reasons; you just need to get out of the way and let it happen.

Secondly, being grateful is an extremely important factor, if you wish to receive a constant flow of financial abundance. One of the first things you should do when you wake up in the morning is give gratitude to God for everything you have…and for everything that is coming to you! For example, giving gratitude for your home, your family, your friends, your car and your worn-but-comfortable furniture will align you with your personal stream of prosperity. If you have an illness of some kind say,“Thank you for my healing!” over and over during the course of day. If you have financial problems say“Thank you God for my unlimited financial abundance!” Just make it a routine in the morning and at night to acknowledge and give thanks for these things. In summation, being a grateful and giving person will place you in God’s favor once again and soon your prosperity will begin to flow freely and abundantly.

And remember, these things must be done constantly and habitually…not just at your convenience! In addition, the true emotions of gratefulness and willingness to give must be cultivated as well, in order for your personal prosperity circuit to be completed and activated.

 Reprinted with  permission

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