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The Good Witch as Planetary Caretaker.

Once upon a time, before we fell into fear of them, the community witches were known as the village caregivers and their role was akin to the Native Shaman. They offered the same services as the medicine men and women of various tribal communities. What we commonly think of as Witch today is a quite twisted version of the witch’s true intent and purpose. For example, we’ve identified the witch with a broom, not because they fly on them, but because they practiced cleanliness of mind, body and spirit. Their boiling cauldrons indeed contained magical herbal concoctions, but these were the healing potions, spring or winter tonics needed by their neighbours and the local villagers.

Because of their connection to the natural world and the cycles and rhythyms of Mother Earth, witches and wizards are drawn to living “the natural way”.  The good witch and wizard then, is a natural environmentalist, a planetary caretaker.

Good witches look for natural ways to keep themselves, and the planet healthy… they will forage through the nearby woods and meadows for herbs as their medicines rather than visit the local pharmacy. They will plant their own gardens, gather their berries, fruits, seeds and even vegetables… and they will avoid the use of chemicals for cleaning their homes and fertilizing the garden because they know a heathier way… they will choose natural fibers and materials to clothe their bodies and furnish their homes because they know that not only do these materials feel better, they help us all to live better.

Good Witches are sensitive to the vibrations around them, and so they recognize that the natural way helps them keep their personal frequencies aligned with the higher realms and the Universal Consciousness that ultimately directs the flow of energy around them.

Even though you may not think of yourself as a witch or a wizard, valuiing the qualities of the good witch in your own life will make it easier to for you to connect with your Higher Self… Moving toward the “green” or natural way not only helps to heal the planet, but, helps you to heal physically, and and to grow spiritually.

So how will you celebrate Earth Day? What qualities of the Good Witch or Wizard are you affirming in your own life, and what more can you do?


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