By Llyn Roberts

Choose to experience Light in every
situation whether you perceive it as ‘good’
or ‘bad’. When you do this, there is no
need to cling to or reject anything.

The universe expresses itself in dualities; in a dance of light and dark, of becoming and returning and of form and formlessness. As form evolves a natural momentum arises for the God Essence to become conscious and to experience Itself. This is primordial longing to return to the Star and eventually dissolves the illusion of separateness.

The star that we are is beyond dimensionality and duality. It’s the star that all things originate from and that all return to. As we open to our heart’s calling, a new force, Light, moves through us and opens our starry centers. This brings the remembrance of wholeness and Light and ignites an inner flame that burns to move as one with the universal life force.

In response to the great need in the world now, a new way is rising in the hearts of many. Many are beginning to see themselves as Lights in the world, illuminating the way for others. The way to shine your Light is follow your heart and be fully who you are. Understand that all things are Light and recognize all things as intrinsically good. This enables you to embrace any person and any situation. It creates an open-hearted center of love that beckons the lost back home.

The Good Remembering shows us that we have nothing to lose but our illusions about the way things are. Along the journey you may feel as if you’re dying. You’ll have nothing to hang onto. Choose to stay with your experience, seeing it not as the death of the self you’ve come to know, but the birth of your new life as Light. Keep this new life anchored in the heart. Your loving heart opens you to continual internal guidance that arises every moment. You can then be playful and trust each moment to reveal what’s needed.

We are one star, we are one essence. Always remember this. As each individual awakens, more Light shines for us all to see who we really are. Arise to this new time in our world when all may awaken in their own natural and unique ways. Let this world remember that it can wake itself up. Remember your true nature and move in a way that makes illumination possible for all beings. This gives the God in us expression. All things must return to their essence to remember they are intrinsically one.

The Good Remembering tells us that because we are one being, it’s necessary to care for our planet more than ever before. As we see ourselves for who we are we realize we can relieve suffering by taking a different approach to living. The confused state of our world can be unraveled in an environment of care and acceptance. All beings long to know themselves as God and to see that God is alive in every situation. Time, love and understanding are needed for all to discover their inherent God Essence. When this discovery is made the world will move as one being. The confusion that pervades the world now will be dissolved.

Remember, the universal movement is toward wholeness. Every moment and every action calls upon the heart to find its own way, to become one with the hoop of life and to return to source. Learn to dance with your own longing with child-like surrender. Have a hearty since of humor! Remember the goodness of life and the joy that it can bring. Choose to experience Light in every situation whether you perceive it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. When you do this there is no need to cling to or reject anything. The natural luminosity of the moment is all that remains.

When all things remember their natural luminosity they rest in dynamic movement. They move through the world open heartedly, appreciating that separation creates the longing that moves them back to source. In this way the dance of life kindles a spirit that lives in all beings and moves as pure ecstasy.
Excerpt from “The Good Remembering: A Message for our Times” by Llyn Roberts

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  1. Making peace with where we are speeds our progress, is the same as to keep our lights on. Enlightment is our true essence.

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