Part 3 in a series on applying the Universal Principles to psychic work

I aced my Grade 12 Physics class because I was fascinated with learning how this planet worked… It is no surprise then that I was very excited to come upon the Cosmic Laws in my research years later. These laws are the basis for an understanding of metaphysics. Through my studies in physics I came to a good understanding of how my physical world functions… the Cosmic Laws explain how the Oneness, how the universe functions.

Since All is One, The Cosmic Laws suggest that God is evolving with us…. the concept of an evolving God is alien to those who expect to meet Him on Judgment Day… most of us have a rather fixed image of a male Father-God sitting on a throne somewhere high in the heavens… But the Cosmic Laws suggest that the Oneness is in a constant state of change, evolving, expanding and contracting as we do…

The Seven + 1 Cosmic Laws, the First Cause Principles – How the Universe Functions as a Oneness

  1. The Law of Mentalism, mindfulness – all is thought (This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play)
  2. The Law of Vibration – all moves, all of the time… all is changing all of the time
  3. The Law of Polarity – all contains its opposite, simultaneously, although one polarity – eg female, may manifest as the primary focus for a time, the other – the male – and its midpoint – androgeny, and all points in between are always present.
  4. The Law of Karma – all produces cause and effect, everything we do think, and feel impacts and changes the universe – and we are responsible for the consequences, the outcomes of our actions.. what goes around, comes around.
  5. The Law of Rhythm – all moves in harmony with all, we will naturally move to be in balance and in sync with the world around us.
  6. The Law of “as above, so below” – all is reflected everywhere, your outer world is a manfiestation of your inner world (another place where the Law of Attaction comes into play.)
  7. The Law of Correspondence – all is interdependent, we exist withint a process of cocreation, there are symbiotic relations between us and all around us.
  • +1. …And The Ordering Principle of Spirals… all moves in order, along a continuum, and the continuum can be seen as a spiral; when you are down, you are actually recharging to push to the next phase of the spiral

Working with The Seven Cosmic Laws, the First Cause Principles

The seven cosmic laws, “first cause principles” supplement the four Universal Truths.. They describe how the universe functions within its Oneness. They define the dynamics of how the energy of our thoughts, feelings, actions and loving merge in creation. Each of the laws represents an aspect of a primal energy or force. In some ways they defy definition since they mix and merge with each other, are dependent on and part of each other. They are part physics and part metaphysics…. they are the basic principles upon which the universe expands and contracts as it evolves and grows.

Once a psychic grasps these laws and how they play out in our lives, we are able to not only tell a client what is coming their way, but what they can do about it. It becomes a simple matter of tuning into the client, noticing how it is moving and then following the flow….I came upon a very good description of the cosmic laws in the opening chapter of the book: “Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Everyone’s Guide to the Coming Changes” by Moira Timms, (Ballantine Books, 1980, 1994, ISBN 0-345-36475-9). Since these laws are essential to a basic understanding of metaphysics, subsequent articles will discuss each one in detail and how it applies to developing your psycic ability…. more to come…”.

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