By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Now let me give you a brief history of the Laguna Creek Wetlands. In my neighborhood, they know I am a ghosthunter, monster hunter and UFO hunter. One day a bunch of crazed high school kids came knocking on my door and they told me that while partying late at night in the Laguna Creek wetlands, they saw a floating white mist in the grasslands of the Wetlands and heard a small girl’s whimpering cries. One of the girls in the group passed out during this scary ordeal. When I wrote an article about the possible haunting of the Wetlands, Manteca Paranormal Shadow Force contacted me and wanted to conduct their own investigation. They obtained orb pictures at the clump of Eucalyptus trees and at the Lee/Wightman Site that was formerly a Blacksmith Shop in 1865 they obtained an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) of a horse neighing. Possible residual haunting EVP? It must be, because there are no horses in this area.

So on this night, my HPI Laguna Creek Wetlands Discovery Task Force will investigate the Floating White Mist of the Laguna Creek Wetlands and the Giant Salamander of the Laguna Creek Wetlands. I was prepared for the giant salamander with night vision goggles in hand.

HPI Laguna Creek Wetlands Discovery Task Force included: Paul Dale Roberts – Lead Investigator/Guide; Judy Raderchak, Lisa Steele, John Shue, Jesse and Kareen Peevyhouse, Regina Tellez, Nikki April Wright Warner, Ann Olson-Dupire. Special Note: Marissa and Sierra were supposed to join us, but on this night someone side swiped Marissa’s vehicle, leaving a large dent on her right back passenger door. Deanna was also supposed to join us, but she was not feeling up to par and had to leave.

We were only a few minutes into the investigation when something very strange happened. One of the investigators passed out. This investigator is very healthy and strong with no medical conditions, but for some odd reason the investigator passed out on the trail. When the investigator revived, the investigator acted like they were experiencing possession and blurting out strange remarks. I was told that this investigator acted like they were in a trance before passing out. I am not a medical doctor and cannot determine if this situation was paranormal in nature or perhaps it was something else that could be causing this reaction that I am just not aware of.

We had to call the investigation off and get the investigator back to Judy’s home for their own safety. After the investigator left the Wetlands area, the investigator was back to normal and was unaware that they had passed out and blurted out those strange remarks.

The Wetlands warrants further investigation. One of the theories on the Floating White Mist of the Wetlands and the little girl’s whimpering cries is that possibly back in the 1800s, a female victim of smallpox was taken to this clump of Eucalyptus trees for it’s medical value and properties.

Eucalyptus is known to open up the lungs and encourages breathing by increasing oxygen in the cells. It also helps to open clogged nasal passages and bronchial congestion. It also kills all types of bacteria and viruses. This multi-layered action makes eucalyptus one of the most valued remedies of cold and the flu season.
The camphorous oil is also of much use as a pain reliever for sore, or overextended muscles and arthritis pain. The essential oil of eucalyptus contains cineole, a potent antiseptic that helps kill bacteria and fungi. Eucalyptus also eradicates lice and fleas.
So as you can see Eucalyptus leaves has many positive medical properties. So perhaps…and it’s just theory that a young female child was brought to these clump of Eucalyptus trees. Her family was trying to save her life and she may have died on those very grounds in the Wetlands.

We will continue our investigation in the Laguna Creek Wetlands and try to answer some of these riddles. Stay tuned.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paradoxical Sleuth
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe’s Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International

A UC Davis biologist actually admitted to releasing a giant tiger salamander in the Laguna Creek Wetlands, after reading this article, he does not want his name disclosed!



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